12 reasons old souls have a hard time finding true love

“I’ve always been hungry for love. Once I wanted to know what it’s like to be full – to have so much love that I can no longer bear it. Once only. ”
– Haruki Murakami (Norwegian wood)

Love is the most desirable human experience. But for the old souls, it is generally the hardest to find.

Old souls have deep wisdom and maturity and based on this wisdom we want to live and love authentically.

We are not looking for love that comes from a place of lack or uncertainty and therefore it is difficult for us to find love in today’s world where the majority of people are looking for love to overcome their loneliness.
Old souls look for relationships that are healthy and non-toxic, free and non-binding, supportive and non-suffocating.
We look for passion, authenticity, true love, sincerity, and depth in relationships. We want to connect with someone on all levels: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Here are some of the main reasons old souls have a hard time finding love:

1). We want authentic and vulnerable love

Old souls want to be in a relationship where we can celebrate mutual authenticity and vulnerability. Having the same interests and hobbies as someone is not enough for us.

We want to fully express ourselves and be loved for who we are as a whole and not be with someone who is only interested in our shiny sides.

Because we know that only through vulnerability and authenticity can we open ourselves to unconditional love?

2). We are healers

We are healers and therefore we attract many people in need of help. We offer love and support, but we know that a 24/7 repair relationship is unhealthy.

When it comes to relationships, we choose someone who is on the same path as we are and who is willing to take personal responsibility for their own growth.

3). We want a love that is part of our growth

Old souls are interested in constant evolution. We want to be with someone who is equally interested in self-development and evolution.

We can’t stand the periods of drama and mind games that are part of so many unconscious relationships in which people are just trying to use the other person to help overcome their loneliness or improve their sense of self.

We want someone who loves us consciously and gives real feedback, support, and love and it is so rare that we find people who live consciously.

4). We are not satisfied with superficial love: we want soul mates

We’re looking for love that goes deeper than the surface. For us, love is not just about getting someone excited about external things, comfort, good, security, or attention. We want to get to know and connect with someone on all levels: mind, body, and soul.

And nowadays it is very difficult to find people to connect with on deeper levels.

5). We have a bigger purpose in life

We think deeper and are constantly working on our own growth because we want to contribute to and change people’s lives. We are not afraid of being alone and are quite comfortable with loneliness.

We are very happy to actively pursue our passions and goals. We prefer to meet someone organically rather than spending all of our time looking for someone. And that’s why we find it difficult to find love.

6). We are looking for compatibility and not just passion

Because of our deep and complex personalities, many people are drawn to us, but to us, passion makes no difference.

We are looking for someone who can be our best friend, confidante, and lover and find all that can be difficult personally.

7). We don’t play dating games

The old souls don’t like the dating game. The ego-based “drama”, the “search”, the “should and not” about when and how messages should be written just doesn’t interest us.
That is why it is so difficult for us to find love in this Tinder era.

8th). We have wounds

Many old souls had to struggle with difficult life situations and only by overcoming and maturing these situations have we developed deep inner wisdom.

That is why we look for someone who is patient enough to understand our journey and someone who is not afraid of our wounds.

9). We are free spirits

Old souls are free spirits. We look for love that will help us expand rather than contract.

The moment control is exercised over such a beautiful and transcendental experience called love, we lose interest.
We are looking for someone who understands that love should be wild but free.

10). We don’t just want romance

Romance and Love are tempting, but they don’t want to be with someone just for physical satisfaction. We love romance, but we want more than just a one-night stand.

We want to share our body with someone who likes us on the soul level and whom we like on the soul level.

11). We want a love that emanates from a place of perfection

As old souls, we understand that this love that comes from a place of need or lack is only an ego need and cannot last forever. That is why we want a love that is rooted in wholeness.

We want to share our wholeness with someone who is also happy and all to himself. We know that when two givers are in communication, it is like alchemy. We help each other grow and reach our highest potential.

We don’t exhaust each other with unnecessary drama and attention-grabbing games.

As old souls, we know that these happy relationships are formed between two individuals whose happiness emanates from them and who seek no one outside of themselves to complete them or make them happy.

12). We want active engagement

Old souls know that love requires care and effort. We want to be with someone who will follow up their words with deeds. We want to be with someone with whom we can share our experiences, learn, and grow together.

We’d rather be alone than be with someone who is half there or not.
It is very difficult to find someone who matches our intensity and commitment.


12 reasons old souls have a hard time finding true love

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