Psychology: 5 reasons a man falls in love with a woman

Falling in love with someone is a process where many things are going on in the body at the same time. Some consciously (“Do I like his character?” Or “Do we have the same ideas about the future?”), Others unconsciously

Science is certain: love is no accident

These five psychological things that happen subconsciously can tip the scales when it comes to falling in love.

  1. Similar hair color, same eye color, comparable stature: Do you look like the mother of your crush? All the better. Statistically speaking, we often subconsciously fall in love with people who are like our parents. Interesting: According to studies, children of younger parents tend to look for younger partners.
  2. Are you generally an open person? Excellent! Because then you automatically appear more accessible and therefore more attractive to others. When you smile at that, you increase your chances of someone falling in love with you. Positive charisma wins!
  3. Researchers have been able to show in studies that it is advantageous to shudder together on a first date. Go on the next horror flick with your date, watch a thriller at home or do something exciting. Something that will give you both an adrenaline rush. How about a skydive instead of a coffee?
  4. Do you live in the same neighborhood as your crush? The best conditions for him to fall in love with you too. Because you are close to home, you will often run into each other by chance in everyday situations. This is how you can subconsciously sneak into his heart.
  5. Many people subconsciously fall in love with people who are like them. Common values, life experience, comparable attractiveness, and age can be decisive here.


Psychology: 5 reasons a man falls in love with a woman

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