7 signs: this is how you can tell he’s into you

The first date is behind you. But did he like it as much as you? We’ll reveal how you can tell whether he’s really interested.

Is he really interested? You can recognize it by these 7 signs

The date with him was sensational. You would love to see him again (ideally now) and see what will develop. But does he see it the same way? 7 signs that he too can imagine more.

1. He won’t let you out of his sight

When you first met, he only had eyes for you and looked very carefully at who he was dealing with. And that he likes what he sees, he let you know with at least one compliment. The emphasis is on at least because somehow everything he said sounded like a compliment. Oh, of course, he laughed at your jokes too.

2. He invests in you

It has long since ceased to be a matter of course that the man pays the bill – and of course, we can also pay in the restaurant ourselves. But he was only too happy to take it into account and thereby prove that he belongs to the old school. That feels kind of good, doesn’t it?

3. He takes care of you

Didn’t he go home with you after the meeting? Great, that would probably have just led to an uncomfortable situation on your doorstep. An “Are you well come home” -SMS other hand is a charming sign that he cares. And it is completely sufficient.

If, on the other hand, there is no sign of life from him, the situation is unfortunately quite clear: Our men’s explanation explains why men simply do not report anymore.

4. He’s talking about the next date

Did he say sentences at the meeting like “We can do that next time” or “We have to go there too”? Then you can already look forward to this “next time”.

5. His body language gives him away

Men can say a lot, but body language is unconscious and is, therefore, a sure indicator of whether you are interesting. He should turn his body towards you, maybe even lean towards you. He could hardly keep his hands still because he was constantly straightening his hair or z. B. has checked the fit of his shirt, it is also a sign that he likes you. And if his gaze grazed these parts of the body, he probably (also) has a romantic interest in you.

6. He seeks physical contact

Did he touch you by chance when you first met? Maybe when he reached for the sugar by the hand or did he hold a door open for you and lightly touch your hip to show you through? Then one thing is certain: this man wants more! By the way: touching the lower back is considered a particularly physical signal.

7. He writes … several times

Even though you haven’t got in touch with him yet, he’s sticking to it. He writes once, twice, and will do it a third time. He also uses plenty of smilies. And he likes everything you do on Facebook & Co. anyway. He likes YOU, that’s for sure!

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7 signs: this is how you can tell he's into you


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