Beware of these 4 symbols in your dreams

Did you have a confused dream? Make sure you make a note of what happened in it because certain things do not bode well for your partnership

These dream symbols are warning signs for your relationship

Did you have a crazy dream that still keeps you busy after waking up? This suggests that something in your life is quite preoccupying, which you are processing in your dreams. “We can regard the study of dreams as the most reliable way to research deep processes of the soul”, Sigmund Freud was sure.

These four dream symbols reveal that you and your relationship are not doing so well.

This is what it means if you dream about dogs


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Dogs stand for companionship, loyalty, friendship, and loyalty.

If you dream of a dying or dangerous dog, then exactly the above virtues are missing in the relationship.

This is what it means if you dream of boats

Ship boat

Ships represent the partnership itself, the water, however, reflects our emotions.

If the water is rough and causes the ship to sink, it means that the relationship is in danger of going under.

A ship that is of course indicates that the relationship is in limbo and dormant state and there is no evolution.

A ship in distress or a military ship can be signs that there are too many conflicts in the partnership.

This is what it means if you dream about cats


Cats symbolize romantic energy in dreams.

Therefore it is also less surprising that an injured, dying, or dead cat stands in a dream for the fact that one’s own love life is also rather sad.

An attacking cat could show you that the romantic side of the relationship is harmful to you or that you are angry about your partner’s behavior in this area.

This is what it means if you dream of driving a car

Car Ride

Have you dreamed of being in the car with your partner? Then this is the most important question: who was behind the wheel? Because this person is also the driving force in the relationship and indicates where to go.

If the brakes don’t work, it could symbolize that a recurring behavior pattern has to stop.

If the car does not start or if it stops, it is like the standstill of your relationship.

A vehicle that gets out of control or a car that is about to crash is a big red flag. Listen to yourself to see if your relationship is about to end.


Beware of these 4 symbols in your dreams


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