10 things men would love to hear from a woman

There are countless contributions on how men make their wife feel special – but there is a bitter shortage of articles on what women can tell their husbands to make them feel special.

In the end, we all need to feel loved and wanted, both men and women. Just like men, women should make an effort to make their partner feel special.

A man may seem like he doesn’t care, but he too must feel loved, respected, complimented, and valued in the relationship, otherwise he will withdraw from the relationship.

Men are not ‘unfeeling’ beings. If you are the woman in his life, he wants to hear so many things from you that illuminate his world. The problem with this is that men often don’t know how to express these needs.

They also deserve to be pampered, cared for and understood. There are some deeply moving things you can say to him other than just “I love you” . You only have to say these 10 things to him to start the fire in him.

Tell your husband these 10 things:

1. “I am proud of you.”

Men view their self-esteem from a different perspective than women. Women feel wanted and valued in a relationship when you express their love to them with words and feelings – through hugs, kisses and affirmative words like “I love you”.

But to make a man feel valued, you have to admire his efforts and appreciate him and his hard work. Be it in his private or professional life: Nothing can help support him in his endeavors and celebrate his achievements and successes.

This gives men a huge boost in self-confidence with which they can go on in life. There’s nothing better for a man than hearing his wife proudly tell of his accomplishments. Let your husband know how incredibly proud you are of him.

2. “You are fantastic in bed.”

To the men: How about waking up almost every morning to the sensual whisper of your wife in your ear “You are so great in bed”? This is definitely heaven on earth or in your bedroom. Men tend to focus on performance, action, and challenge. This is how they have been knitted since the beginning of time.

Physical intimacy is equally important in a relationship. Your husband wants feedback on whether he physically satisfies you. Telling him in words how his touch and movement have brought you to an electrifying orgasm not only gives his ego a boost, but will also put a smile on his face all day. It’s really that great, isn’t it?

3. “Thank you for being there for me.”

The feeling of gratitude should also include your husband. One of the key ingredients in the recipe for a successful relationship is expressing gratitude to your partner. Most often, the contribution of the man in a relationship is overlooked and underestimated.

Whether he picks you up from work, wakes you up in the morning, or does simple household chores for you, such as helping you with the dishes, cooking, and serving you the food – ‘thank you’ is a powerful word.

Thank him for being in your life. Tell him how incredibly happy you are with his respect and care. He deserves it.

4. “I won’t be mad at you if you tell me.”

Men are not very good at communicating with words and expressing their feelings. Again: This is how they are made structurally. Society has created a pattern according to which men are strong and don’t have to talk to others about anything.

But there may be other reasons preventing your husband from expressing his authentic feelings – maybe he feels threatened by you, maybe he thinks that you will misunderstand him, maybe he is afraid to admit his mistakes. Whatever the reason, this sentence will help calm his overturning mind so that he can really open up to you.

This sentence assures him that you will listen to him patiently without getting angry or discouraged. This will be a huge relief. And of course: don’t get angry with him when he finally opens.

5. “You look so good.”

Hopefully you don’t have to make an effort for this sentence as it should come to your head every time your gorgeous guy is in front of you. He doesn’t have to look dashing or fancy to wear expensive clothes to get your attention – but the way he moves proudly and confidently should be enough to make you fall in love every single day.

Finally, the external appearance is also important. And if he looks particularly gorgeous on special occasions, you should give your husband generous compliments.

How does it feel when your husband tells you how beautiful you look? Your husband feels the same if you compliment him on his appearance and seem to seriously drown in his beauty.

6. “I trust you.”

If you don’t trust your husband, he will never feel safe and anchored in the relationship. You have to trust him and his intentions and give him room to open up. If you are suspicious of him and question each of his words, you increase the risk of breaking the relationship.

Tell him every now and then that you will be comfortable with him, that you can trust him and that your trust will last forever, no matter what comes your way. This gives your husband a feeling of security and stability in the relationship.

7. “You make me so happy.”

Whether you are aware of it or not, your husband does a lot to make you happy. He does everything he can to make you feel happy, comfortable and satisfied in the relationship. This also gives him the feeling that he is enough and useful.

Make sure to literally remind him that he’s one of the main reasons you’re happy.

8. “I notice the difference your efforts make.”

When men are seriously in love, they make some effort to change themselves. Maybe they’re not making up their face, but they’re still working on themselves to be noticed – not just by others, but by you.

Your full attention means more to him than anything else. And telling him that you’ve noticed the slightest change in the way he wears his beard or his improved fitness will motivate him to take care of himself.

9. “I love the feeling that you always give me back.”

It is only natural to be happy when the loved one is happy. If you remind your husband that he is doing a great job of making you happy and satisfied, he not only knows that he can give you that feeling – it will also give him feedback and a direction to follow. These words give him the confidence he needs so much.

10. “I will never give up on you.”

This is the trump card. If you really want to make your husband’s heart leap with joy and hope, tell him this sentence. Tell him why it’s worth it, why you want to stay with him no matter what.

This little sentence has a lot of power and strength. He’ll feel incredibly valued if you tell him you’ll never give up on it – no matter what storms come, no matter what …

Note: If you tell him this, please be sure that you really mean it.


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