7 things you can do to help your partner recognize your worth

How can you get your partner to recognize their value?

Are you struggling to clarify your value in a relationship? Do you want to be valued more by your partner?

If you want to get your partner to recognize your worth in their life, you’ve come to the right place.

If we want to achieve certain things, we may have to get a little dirty with our (harmless) tricks. And there is no reason to feel guilty. Make sure you don’t do it too often.

These tricks will not only help you get your partner to recognize your worth, but also focus your attention on your own self-worth.

What do you think is the reason that your partner devalues ​​you?

If you’re considering a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t value you for who you are, you’re better off without them. He/she should see your value without using manipulative techniques.

If you are married or already in a very long relationship and separation is not an alternative, you should consider these tricks to regain your partner’s respect and love.

If things don’t work after that, you should be wondering whether or not he/she is worth your time and effort. In this case, you need to focus most of your attention on yourself to restore your self-esteem.

Warning : Don’t overdo this. Some of them could backfire.

Note: These tricks are not hardcore psycho-games, lies or manipulative techniques. These should not affect the value of your partner, but simply teach you to see your own value and to let your partner know.

Here are seven things you can do to help your partner recognize your worth:

1. Define your personal limits

Your personal limits with your partner determine the health of your relationship. Setting a reasonable limit ensures that your relationship is respectful and caring in nature.

Your set personal limit sets guidelines for how other people around you can behave or how much you allow them to cross those limits.

If your personal limit is vague and tends to merge with your partner’s personal limit, you will lose your sense of self. Compromising your principles will only result in your partner taking the opportunity to take you for granted.

Make your limits less flexible, clearer and non-negotiable. This will surely draw your partner’s attention to your new limits.

Start saying more “no” and less “yes”. Weigh it well so that it doesn’t look like ignorance. Stop doing whatever your partner wants for your partner. This will make him recognize your worth.

2. Delay satisfaction

We, humans, are called to appreciate and evaluate things when we have to earn them. This also applies to men. Men love challenges and they love to sweat to win you. Something that is easy does not appeal to people, including men.

Use this remarkable information as truth and guidance to keep your partner’s wandering attention.

Are you always there for your partner when he needs you? Even if he doesn’t? Tame that a little.

You could do the following to stop being around:

– Stop verbally telling your partner how important he is to you (with phrases like “I can’t do without you.”, “You are my everything.”, Etc.).

– Stop compromising your comfort and needs for your partner’s needs.

– Stop putting your partner in front of yourself. You wanted to go to the movies with your girlfriend, but he wants you to go to the party at his company with him? His wishes are not in front of yours!

– Reduce the number of compliments you give your partner.

The point is that you have to make it clear to your partner that your love, attention and time will not be given to them. He literally has to work hard to win you over, every day, like in the beginning.

Even if he has changed his mindset and started to respect you, don’t be the same person you were again. You should praise him again and compliment him when he deserves it, and be there for him when he needs you, but you should have learned that if you don’t, nobody will appreciate you and your time and sacrifice.

3. Triangulation

Again, there is little or no room for sceptics here. Triangulation works like magic, but if you use too much, abuse can occur, especially if your partner is looking for a lot of attention.

A lot of research shows that we want what other people want; the dating world is no exception. All you have to do is use that knowledge.

Your trick: increase your value in the eyes of other people of the opposite sex. Let your partner know that you enjoy the attention that is being given to you.

Social comparison is a means by which we value ourselves. But, you know what? You have to use this trick in a social situation, e.g. B. at parties, gatherings or at an event.

Do not always hold on to your partner, hold his hand and make him the centre of your attention. This makes you look unattainable and boring for other people of the opposite sex.

Talk and laugh with other people of the opposite sex (avoid cheap flirting). This triggers an alarm in your partner’s head about his position at that moment.

Remember that you are very committed, but your job is to make it clear to your partner that he is not the only one in your life. There are other people who see the spark in you and are actually fascinated by you: they would like to do everything possible to have you in their life.

The intent should NOT be to make your partner feel insecure or even think you might be cheating on him. That is a double NO.

4. Exercise in self-employment

How often do you think that a person who is independent and alone will ever need other people’s consent to function?

If you are very concerned about your life, I promise that you will survive naturally and effortlessly without your partner’s consent. Indeed, if you want to increase your own worth in your partner’s eyes, it shows how urgently you need to work on your self-esteem.

There is nothing worse than being dependent on your partner and meeting your expectations. Work on increasing independence. Stop asking for your partner’s help by doing things yourself.

Are you used to taking his advice? Stop it too. Your partner’s opinion may be important to you, but don’t you think you can make your own decisions? Make your own decisions.

This sends a clear message to your partner that you can do it alone and do not need your partner’s help in everything you do.

Make sure that the energy is self-sufficient. You are independent and know how to value yourself.

5. Limit your availability

This trick is aimed at the one under number two. Limiting your availability is a trick to delay gratification.

Does your partner miss you too much at home? Did he write to you? Tell him that you have extra work in the office and can’t do it earlier instead of typing, “I’m coming, baby. Only for you.”

– If you tend to be clingy, stop being that way.

– Take the time to respond to your partner if it is not too urgent.

– Call him less often.

– Do not do things that are dependent on you, such as B. cooking for him, picking up his things or making his bed, etc.

Absence makes the heart beat faster. The less your partner sees of you, the more he will be happy about you. This temporarily created space helps your partner recognize what your absence would mean to him.

6. Reorientation towards yourself

The hard truth is that you don’t have to do any tricks for your partner to recognize your worth. And this is only possible if you have a great love and appreciation for yourself. If this self-love is enough, you don’t need to yearn for your partner’s attention.

Look back and find moments when you have filled yourself with pride. Take a piece of paper, a pen and some free time. Sit down and write the qualities in yourself that you like best about yourself and those that you get the most compliments for.

Glue it to the wall in a place where you can see it regularly. There you have all your reasons to love yourself.

7. Reset priorities

To rearrange your priorities, you first need to know which priorities must be at the top of the priority list.

Your list should ideally include the self at the very beginning – your health, your “first time”, your hobbies, your work. If you have prioritized yourself enough, you can only expand to prioritize others.

If you currently forget about self-care, restore it by focusing on yourself. Give yourself time, spoil yourself and love yourself.

Make it a point to stick to your priorities unless it’s an emergency. Don’t unnecessarily jeopardize your partner’s priorities.

You can’t get anyone to appreciate you. But you can increase your own value.


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