Why Are You Still There If You Know That You Don’t Love That Sign Anymore

Don't Love That Sign Anymore

Why Are You Still There If You Know That You Don’t Love That Sign Anymore

There is not much to pretend, because deep down you know that it will no longer work, but it is very difficult for you to say no. There is no doubt that it is true, habit is stronger than love, saying goodbye to someone who has been so important in your life story, not only requires courage but also patience, because it will be a long and hard process. His love faded and his caresses no longer cause you anything. Why are you still there if you know well that you no longer love that sign? 


A part of you resists, clings to your adventurous side, the one that trusts that anything can happen and maybe tomorrow things will go back to the way they were before. You are very clear that you do not want to stay next to someone who does not fulfill you in every way, but your sweet side betrays you. When memories invade you and you fall in love again, but with the person from the past. It no longer exists and that scares you, accepting it and facing the drama is very complicated. So you prefer to put it off, even though you know they’re going to end. 


There is nothing that stresses you out more than being with someone who has no idea what stability is in all senses. You are a person who feels at peace following a plan and you hate having your heart played at stake. If you stay with someone you no longer love, it is because you have already analyzed the pros and cons. Maybe the spark has disappeared, but there are many other things that keep you close to it. It is not easy to say goodbye to someone who has given you so much, your heart suffers a lot. 


At first glance you seem like the classic sign that shows strength, you have it, but in sentimental matters, there are many things that destroy you inside. For example, taking out of your life who was your company for a long time. It’s not something you decide overnight, because you get to know yourself and you change your mind very quickly. Gemini, you’re still there, even though you know it won’t work anymore because you’re terrified of being wrongYou think that it could be a bad run and that it will pass later. Meanwhile, the days go by being unhappy. 


Love is your engine, it is the one that keeps you smiling every morning despite the fact that the night before you have cried all morning. Perhaps that part of you that is so intense leads you to stay with the wrong person. Closing cycles makes you nervous, you don’t like it. When you let go you go back to what one day was and it scares you. You still believe in second chances, you’re not one to throw away so much time. Do you have faith that what is yours will be rebuilt again and will be better than before? 


Leo, you know that a person can love you very much, say nice things to you, and think of you, but… if you no longer feel the same, what’s the point? It is hard to accept that your heart is no longer moved by his messages and that you feel relieved when you are not by his side. However, saying goodbye permanently becomes worse. You run away from the chaos so much that you prefer to continue as if nothing had happened. Your heart screams that it’s time to turn the page, but deep down you don’t feel ready. 


If there is someone on this list who has to thoroughly analyze a farewell, it is undoubtedly you. You are not a person who bets on attachments, because you are very selective when it comes to letting someone know your vulnerable side. You are used to everything going well for you and once you include your partner in your routine, taking them out is synonymous with losing your stability and you hate it. You don’t want to let your guard down, but you’re putting your heart at risk. Because? You know that nothing will ever be the same again. 


Libra, you are the person who takes very slow steps in matters of the heart and you don’t care, because you prefer that a thousand times over to giving yourself to the first person who smiles at you. You may have a very romantic and intense side, but you are not going to fall in love at first. Sometimes, you put up with too much in order not to argue, you keep quiet about many things, and little by little you break down inside. You run away from the breakup because you don’t like confrontation and that leads you to stay where you don’t want to. 


What happens with you is that your ego reminds you all day that you cannot lose. Scorpio, you are someone who enjoys going against the grain and adding a little tension to things, you like it. However, there are times when you exaggerate, you put your emotional and mental stability at risk because you don’t want to leave that person. You know that theirs has been over for a long time, but you feel so fragile that you prefer to pretend that everything is fine, even though it is not true. 


Sometimes it’s not healthy to be so good Sagittarius, you know. On the outside, you may seem indifferent, but on the inside, you just want to protect that person. What are you saving her from? You have the opportunity to live only once, it is not worth staying with someone you no longer love, because you do not want to break her heart. And yours? He also needs someone to rescue him. It hurts to let go, but it will be for the best. 


You like practicality, problems make you sick and you hate wasting time. That is the reason why you rarely stop to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really happy. It is not worth getting lost in your activities to ignore what your heart is telling you. You no longer feel the same, but you insist that it is one more up and down, meanwhile, time passes and with it, the smiles that you could have if you leave are disappearing. 


There is no one else who breaks as much as you when it comes to letting go. They say you don’t get hooked, but when you give someone a special place in your heart, you are very genuine, because it’s hard for you to let them in. However, the distance is eating away at you, what one day they had no longer exists and you notice it every day. You know that you value that person, but you have stopped loving them and you even feel guilty. Aquarius, if you stay you will end up doing more damage. 


You are not afraid of giving love, you like to let yourself go and let your emotions lead you to meet the right person. You are empathetic, sweet, and very affectionate, which becomes counterproductive when you stop loving. Well, you think a lot about the other, how will he feel? You don’t want to become the villain of the story and end up sacrificing your happiness. Pisces is not worth it, do not stay living a farce. You deserve genuine and reciprocal love, don’t doubt it. 

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