Zodiac Clashes: Explosive Couples That Should Never Date

Zodiac Clashes: Explosive Couples That Should Never Date

Zodiac Clashes: Explosive Couples That Should Never Date

In the search for great love, you always run into people who just don’t fit in at all. This could also be due to the zodiac sign. Here you can find out which pairings should not be dated in the first place.

This saves you from an annoying waste of time.

Taurus and Aries

Like and like like to associate? Not with this zodiac pairing! Because the two signs of the zodiac are just too stubborn for that. A small conflict quickly degenerates into a crisis and both want to get their way at any price. You can see at first glance that this cannot go well in the long term. So in order to save yourself a lot of grief and nerves, Taurus and Aries should better not date. You might try friendship first…

Leo and Virgo

One always acts impulsively and doesn’t think much about the consequences, the other weighs every decision, no matter how small, before something is finalized. A combination that just screams incomprehension and frustration. While the lion quickly becomes impatient and would like to have everything done immediately, with the Virgo it just takes time. Time that the lion definitely doesn’t have and it can therefore happen that he looks elsewhere. Oh no!

Scorpio and Capricorn

Admittedly, both zodiac signs are incredibly passionate, down-to-earth, and know what they want. In itself, very good prerequisites for a happy relationship. If it weren’t for this one thing that neither Scorpio nor Capricorn can overlook: Both are incredibly resentful. When dating, there can be times when you get into an argument or things happen that might bother you or hurt you. However, since nobody makes the first step and both are offended for all eternity, the love between the zodiac signs simply has no future. sorry.

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