Aries and Capricorn: Why this combination is pure chaos

Aries and Capricorn: Why this combination is pure chaos

The outwardly balanced and calm Capricorn hides the restlessness of the feelings.

They want to control the situation and dominate the relationship, which the confident Aries resists.

Both characters sometimes behave aggressively, and when Capricorn’s aggression is expressed in its coldness, Aries often bursts into screams, stealing consent to attacks on the interlocutor.

Capricorns are cautious in their words, but place great value on everything that is said.

Aries talk a lot and often without thinking about it, which offends Capricorns.

So, because of Capricorn’s diligence, a single thoughtless word from Aries can cause them to close themselves off and stop interacting with anyone.

Aries are not able to wait long and patiently for their partner to cool off, which leads to strong conflicts.

Because Aries are active, they like honest conversations and colorful adventures.

This contradicts the cozy family evenings that Capricorns love so much.

However, when love is born between these two zodiac signs, they simply have to accept the great differences that lie within them.

However, it will be a difficult and arduous process for the two of them, one that usually ends with them realizing that they are just not made for each other.

1. Aries and Capricorn differ in their values

Although both zodiac signs are full of enthusiasm, there is a huge difference between them.

This is particularly evident in their values ​​and the way they see the world.

As Aries are always daring, rebellious and careless, but Capricorns are eager, ambitious, and stable.

They don’t believe in the free-spirited nature of Aries, because in their world there are always a number of rules that they cannot and do not want to break.

That’s why many say that a relationship with a Capricorn is like a bomb in your hand that will explode if you make a single mistake.

Contrasted with Aries, who grows fond of your flaws and the unapologetic way you live your life.

2. Aries and Capricorn both have striking temperaments

Even though Capricorns seem very stable and calm, unlike Aries who are a lively provocation, wait before they get angry.

Because Capricorns can also be very complicated when their anger gets the better of them.

So in a way they are more intimidating than any fire sign when wronged.

That is why their temperaments cannot work together as both are unwilling to forgive.

In addition, as egoists, both want the best for themselves and do not like to settle for less.

Especially if that means constantly being subjected to some kind of drama.

3. Aries and Capricorn have completely different perspectives

Aries is like an endless summer, while Capricorn feels like a winter that never ends.

But during this summer there is a lot of uncertainty, while for winter you always know that it will remain the same.

That’s why so many are drawn to Capricorns because they can trust them and count on them when things get tough while also making sure they improve so they stay.

While Aries may stay with them forever, they will also accept too much from them that they feel like they aren’t bringing anything better and new into their lives.

Because Aries’ bohemian nature doesn’t leave much room for discipline and order.

Capricorn can offer these in large quantities, so you never have to worry about your stability.

4. Aries and Capricorn are merciless, so they can’t stick together for long

There just doesn’t happen to be a parallel reality where Aries and Capricorn are madly in love right now.

Simply because they are strict and direct, and they always know what they want in life.

Where Capricorn is magnetic and stable and Aries irresistible but erratic.

This creates an explosion when they get together, so their love can’t last long.

Because they lack emotion, sensitivity, and much-needed forgiveness, both of which are unwilling to offer.

Because of this, they could never function as a couple and are destined to be mortal enemies.

5. Aries are loyal while Capricorns are opportunistic

Aries are hard workers who love to spend while Capricorns are entrepreneurs who love to save their coins.

But while that kind of clashes them in a relationship, they also define others in very different ways.

Capricorns want a partner who is educated, distinguished, and elitist, with strong traditional values.

Whereas Aries want a partner who will excite them and make them feel alive and who will stick with them through good times and bad.

This means that Aries is unlikely to leave the one they love even if a better candidate comes along, while Capricorn cannot promise that.

Because their love lasts a lifetime, but not when something better is in sight.

6. Beyond physical attraction, Aries and Capricorn have empty conversations

Something very interesting about Capricorn is that as soon as he sees an Aries woman, he falls head over heels in love.

Because Aries are often exotic, with shiny hair and wonderful eyes that they could stare into forever.

In addition, they also fall in love with their strength, independence and the fact that someone like them is very rare.

Aries, on the other hand, admires their well-groomed manner and the pride with which Capricorn carries themselves.

However, once they are alone and able to talk about their feelings, they realize how little they belong together.

After all, Capricorn takes forever to open up and Aries values ​​life too much not to get everything they desire right now.

Aries and Capricorn Why this combination is pure chaos


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