These 5 Zodiac Signs Are More Prone To Heartbreak

More Prone To Heartbreak

These 5 Zodiac Signs Are More Prone To Heartbreak

It is a human need to have love in life. For some, love is even the most important thing and they show their feelings openly.

However, there are people who, despite their desire for love, are unhappy and endure much suffering.

This article introduces four zodiac signs that are particularly unlucky in love. These zodiac signs are known to often fail in relationships and get disappointed. 

However, it is important to note that astrology is just one way of interpreting life and relationships, and not all people of a given zodiac sign are the same.

Ultimately, everyone is responsible for their own happiness and can achieve a fulfilling love relationship through self-reflection and work on themselves.

These 5 Zodiac women are often heartbroken:


Cancers are known to invest all of their emotional energy into a single relationship.

They are very open and open about their feelings, which makes them vulnerable. For them there is no such thing as a half-measure – they are either fully into it or not at all.

When a relationship fails, it takes them a lot of time to recover.

Because Cancers are very empathetic and sensitive, they need someone to stand by them and give them emotional support in difficult times.

Sometimes, however, they end up in relationships that aren’t good for them and that end in heartbreak.

The zodiac sign Cancer can often face bitter disappointments in love. This will cause him a lot of heartbreak.

But usually, it doesn’t last long. Cancers can quickly look forward to a comeback in love that will inspire them.

It is also important to emphasize that Cancer can take control of its own destiny in order to achieve a happy and fulfilling relationship.


Some people are either very lucky in love or the exact opposite – very unlucky.

When Virgos fall in love, they do it with all their hearts and express their feelings in the most authentic way.

Therefore, they find it difficult to go through the same process of love again after being disappointed.

While these people remain optimistic, they know that they will have many bad love experiences before they find the right person.

This can be a very sad and difficult process. They have to endure many disappointments, heartbreaks, and hardships before they finally find true love.

You know that life isn’t always fair. Even if they are more unlucky in love than others, there is still hope for a fulfilling relationship.

Sometimes all you need to do is be patient and willing to take risks to find true love.


The zodiac sign Capricorn is characterized by a serious personality. It would be inappropriate to say that Capricorns are unlucky in love, but they can be marred by ill timing.

It can happen that you meet the right person but at the wrong time or vice versa.

Capricorns are best known for their sense of duty, reason, and self-discipline. They are therefore not to be had for flirts or one-night love.

They often tend to prioritize their work. This can lead to neglect of love and romantic relationships.

As a Capricorn, if you’ve met a person who’s on the right track and you could imagine a future, you shouldn’t sabotage yourself by portraying yourself as unattainable.

Sometimes you have to take the first step and show your interest. If you do this, nothing will stand in the way of your happiness in love in the future.


Pisces are known for seeing the world through positive lenses, ignoring or avoiding the bad sides of people.

Unfortunately, this tendency can lead Pisces to sacrifice their own happiness and become unhappy.

However, when bad things happen, they have the ability to recover and move on relatively quickly.

Pisces only want one thing: to enjoy life to the fullest. You could quickly fall in love with someone who feels the same way.

You can have a great relationship with this person. With others, a challenge may arise that could temporarily throw them off track.

It will take time to recover from this, but Pisces should face the pain for long-term healing. 

Although they believe in eternal love, heartbreaks can shatter their hopes of a happy ending.

Pisces should stay positive and trust that better times will come soon. It’s important to accept that there are ups and downs in life and that you can grow from every experience.


Taurus are known for their loyalty and down-to-earth nature. However, they find it difficult to get involved with other people.

However, when they find their true love, then they are ready to give everything for their relationship. So it hits them particularly hard when they are lied to, especially by someone close to them. 

They hate being coldly lied to by someone they trust and they feel betrayed and betrayed by it.

At such a time it is important that you focus on the future and try to stay positive.

Because then things will quickly change for the better and his heart will warm again.

Taurus should therefore not be discouraged and continue to believe in the good in life. Better times will come again!

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