What You Should Say To The Signs When They Are Wrong

When They Are Wrong

What You Should Say To The Signs When They Are Wrong

We all go through bad times in life, moments in which you would throw everything away, moments that sink you, in which you barely recognize yourself, and strong moments that sometimes leave you in the depths. And yes, that’s when a few words of encouragement well said can take you back to heaven. But each sign needs some things, not everyone can or wants to hear the same thing. Here’s what to say to the signs when they’re down. Take note at once.


“You are going to get through this Aries. Stress will not last forever. This situation is only temporary and will eventually pass. In time, all this pain will become a memory.”

Aries need to hear these kinds of damn phrases, positive phrases that remind them that the moment will always pass and that what happens to them today will be very different from what happens to them in a month…


“Now maybe everything is crap but you’re going to end up surprising yourself. You are going to achieve great things Taurus. Walk firm in life, you will achieve all your goals and make your dreams come true. Persist, everything will be within your reach.”

Taurus needs to hear words of encouragement that encourage them to achieve their goals, words of encouragement that push them up, and that tell them that they can do things and that they will achieve them. That’s actually what keeps you going. To get up from the hardest blows.


“Don’t show them where you’ve come without them Gemini, let them see it for themselves. Love yourself and the others. No matter what the Gemini world thinks, he goes in search of your happiness and does not show anyone where you are arriving. ”

Sometimes Geminis have an almost unstoppable desire for revenge. He has the need to teach others that he can achieve many things without them and that he has the ability to go far even without anyone’s help. The problem is that he is also capable of living only to show the rest WHERE he has arrived and what he has achieved. And no, that’s not the way. Geminis have to let the rest see them alone, but without caring in the slightest if they see it or not.


“You deserve to be happy Cancer. Never let anyone tell you that you are worthless. You have a way of being very difficult to find, something special. Anyone would be lucky to have you by their side for a while, so imagine a lifetime.”

Cancer needs words that will always raise their self-esteem. He is a very insecure person and ugly gestures and details on the part of others leave him plunged into a moment of strong depression. And he recovers like this when someone really tells him what he’s worth and what he deserves. And repeat it to yourself. The times that he is needed.


“All the effort you put in now will be worth it. Every step you are taking brings you much closer to your goals. Your hard work will pay off, you just have to wait a little longer, Leo. Good things take time to come, but they do come.”

Leo needs to know that what he is doing now will be worthwhile in the future, he needs to understand that the effort he is making will not end up overboard. Sometimes, since he too is so impulsive, you have to tell him to slow down, that he shouldn’t be in a hurry. What Leo gets almost always takes a while to arrive but he ARRIVES. He has to have a little more patience.


“Don’t let a lie make you mistrust love, not everyone is the same. Don’t let a failure make you give up on all your dreams. Do not think that because you have a bad day you will have a bad life.”

Virgo is sometimes very drastic with everything, and when the world falls apart everything is crap, everything breaks, everything is FINISHED. And that’s why he needs those words of encouragement, those words that make him remember that his presence will not be his future, that everything will end, and that nothing lasts forever.


“You are the best in the Libra world. You’re great, don’t get down over an argument or a fight. When things go wrong, think that tomorrow will be another day, when everything happens, when everything comes.”

Libra can be a very alarmist person and when things go wrong they can make a drama out of everything. And yes, you have to remind her that she is a good person, that she is smooth, that she has the energy to conquer the world, to achieve each of the things that she sets her mind to. You have to remind him that nothing lasts forever.


“Look at you Scorpio, you have matured, you are not the same person you were a year ago. You’ve changed, you’ve grown, you’ve evolved and you’re going to get it ALL. Stop worrying or thinking about the past and focus on that bright future that awaits you.

Scorpio is unable to stop his thoughts, it costs him a lot, and it costs him his life. You need to hear words that make him grow, that make him remember who he is, what he has achieved, what he has walked, what he deserves, and what he will get. Scorpio feeds on that, his ego grows and he pushes ahead.


“Do not be so hard on yourself. Stop considering yourself a burden to others. Your vision of yourself is unfair Sagittarius, many more people love you and need you than you think. Please Sagi, you are worth a lot for you to sell yourself so little.”

Sagittarius gives an appearance on the outside that is not on the inside. He seems sure of everything and yet he is not so sure. He thinks that he is not up to it and he is afraid of messing up, and because of that, sometimes he messes up. He needs words of encouragement related to his person. He is worth a lot but sometimes he forgets. That’s what you have to remind him of.


“You should be proud of yourself for everything you have won, overcome, and endured. Don’t get frustrated when you can’t get something, your destiny is probably to get something much greater. Stop always expecting something Capri, just hold on to the beautiful things that are happening to you at the moment. You’re doing it right.”

Capricorn has a hard time living in the present. It costs him a lot and he always walks in the past or in the future. Everything is complicated. His life, his relationships, his way of seeing things… That’s why we have to remind him that he is here, now and breathing, living, feeling. AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT. And above all, tell him that he is doing well. It is necessary for him to know. To such a sign, this gives life.


“You are much stronger than you think. You are capable of achieving anything if you really put your mind to it. You can control all situations, just really concentrate.”

Aquarius needs to believe in their worth and believe that they can really control everything. His anxiety, his discomfort, his mood. The words that can truly lift him up are related to his power. A power that he sometimes forgets that he has, a power that he finds difficult to understand that he can manage.


“You are not always going to feel alone. You will not always feel lost. Let time pass and heal everything. Soon you will know what you want from life, soon you will find the courage to have it.”

Pisces need to have faith in the future. He is spoiled and believes that he will stay where he is for the rest of his life. It is hard for him to understand that everything is a cycle and that although he may have a bad time now, he will have a good time later. That although he does not have clear goals now, the day will come when he will have them and he will understand that not everything he wants is what he needs.

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