These Zodiac Signs No Longer Believe In True Love

Believe In True Love

These Zodiac Signs No Longer Believe In True Love

Cheesy confessions of love, a ride into the sunset, and lifelike in a fairy tale. What sounds like the absolute dream of a lifetime for some is a real horror for others. Because they are sure: true love does not exist!

These three zodiac signs no longer believe in true love.


Hardly any other sign of the zodiac applies the saying “hard shell, soft core” as much as it does to Scorpio. Because they like to be strong on the outside, but on the inside, there is a lot that occupies them and takes them with them emotionally. They still haven’t quite gotten over their first love – and certainly not their first heartbreak.

This first negative experience is also to blame for the fact that Scorpios have distanced themselves from the belief in true love and rather hope for a long-lasting, solid partnership. But don’t worry dear Scorpios: this partnership can also awaken the romantic in you.


Virgos are very pragmatic and analytical. They like to know the pros and cons of every situation and aren’t big fans of surprises. This also applies to the subject of love. Virgos don’t believe in stormy relationships, love at first sight, or rushing headlong into a relationship.

You prefer to get into a relationship slowly and discuss every step with the other person. Because for the virgins it is clear: most relationships end in separation. So why waste time and emotions when you can just put the facts clearly on the table?


For twins, believing in true love is simply a fantasy from children’s movies. Because what they experienced in themselves and in their environment has little to do with “Happy Ever After”. The sign of the zodiac is therefore extremely skeptical when it comes to love matters and does not even want to try to look for true love.

Why should it, after all, you can just have fun and enjoy the time while dating to the fullest! But dear twins: maybe the right person is waiting for you in this carefree time.

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