Signs With Which Cancer Wants More Than A Couple Of Romantic Words In Hidden

Energy, femininity, love… Cancer is a huge shell that once it lets you into its life you find the deepest, with that which makes you face your fears. He is compassionate and sensitive, he is the one who has the warmth to pay attention to each of your gestures. When he decides to give himself up, he does it from home, with a crude way of loving that repairs you. However, there are three signs with which Cancer wants more than a couple of secret love because they have the gift of shaking his soul:

1.- Taurus 

Cancer can easily fall for the charms of the Bull, it is a connection where the superficial takes second place. Cancer is lost in the genuine way in which Taurus unfolds through life, he likes it when he discovers that behind an apparently square mind, hides a vulnerable side capable of falling deeply in love. Taurus falls in love with Cancer because he gives him the security he is looking for, he is the one who inspires confidence. Cancer and Taurus can have one of those relationships where they end up with wrinkles on their skin and holding hands while walking in the park. Cancer doesn’t play games, he wants something that honors the word home and Taurus knows very well what that means.

2.- Scorpio 

Scorpios are one of the signs with which Cancer wants more than a couple of secret love. Two souls that recognize each other at first, that many times do not need to say much, their eyes meet and are the door to enter the deepest. Cancer and Scorpio establish a side of friendship, in which they put aside the masks, they give themselves although they are afraid of ending up with a broken heart. Scorpio feels confident because Cancer is able to pay attention to their emotions without feeling judged. Although they do not say it, they sign a loyalty agreement, they do not want a perfect relationship, they want to be sure that their partner becomes a nice refuge after having a bad day. Cancer can find the love of his life in Scorpio, once he realizes it he does whatever it takes to make it all work.

3.- Capricorn 

Water and oil, sometimes, is the perfect mix, the one that is capable of breaking with the predictable, the one that reminds you that life is like that, you don’t always have to understand it to enjoy it. At the moment that Capricorn appears in the life of Cancer, the perfect balance happens. Each has what the other needs. Capricorn is lost in the emotional, empathetic, and sweet part of Cancer. Cancer enjoys the meticulous, orderly, and consistent way that Capricorn takes on anything in life. They are signs that together symbolize home, long-term relationships, where there are no unresolved issues, where the main objective is to be happy and enjoy the moment. They are one of those couples where there comes a point where they don’t need to talk, they understand each other through gestures and looks. They synchronize so much that they go at the same pace.


Signs With Which Cancer Wants More Than A Couple Of Romantic Words In Hidden

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