Venus and Mars help out when it comes to lovesickness and ensure that the three zodiac signs get over their ex this month. Is yours there?

No more lovesickness: These zodiac signs are finally getting over their ex

Breakups are never nice and can sometimes be heartbreaking for weeks, months, or even years. In the next few days, however, three zodiac signs will receive cosmic support from Venus and Mars against their lovesickness, which makes it easier for them to finish the previous chapter and to look positively forward. They manage to get over their ex in July and give love a new chance.


Due to their impulsive and temperamental nature, Aries often does not find it easy to process the pain of separation and even after weeks and months, they tend to come up with a plan of revenge for their ex. Due to Venus and Mars, however, these mind games suddenly seem to have evaporated in the coming days, and a pleasant feeling of inner calm returns. As the saying goes: time heals all wounds. Accept this gift from the planets to dear Aries and enjoy peace of mind.


Lions love to get full attention, especially from their loved ones. That is why the sting is particularly deep when the relationship falls apart and the ex-partner is interested in suddenly being someone else. The fire sign finds it difficult to cope with this personal setback and he mourns his past love a few months afterward. Thanks to Venus and Mars, Lions are now given qualities such as courage, fearlessness, clarity and hope, which enable them to loosen their hold ties and look positively into the future. Close up with the past, dear Leo, and get ready for a new love.


Taurus give their loved ones their whole hearts right from the start when they are in love. If the relationship breaks up, however, the earth sign is terribly injured, withdraws lonely, and feels strong lovesickness with plenty of heartaches for weeks. With the power of Venus and Mars in the sign, however, spiritual peace and balance is finally returning to the inner life of Taurus and helps him to conclude with the old partnership. Dear Taurus, it is time to return to the world, to enjoy the beautiful moments in life, and to let a new love into your heart again. 

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