These zodiac signs love exaggeration

For some people, exaggeration is a real lifestyle! But that often leads to the fact that they are no longer taken very seriously. It is simply in their nature to tell stories a little more expressively. You can find out what this has to do with the zodiac sign here.

These zodiac signs just love it when they can exaggerate.


Lions are known to cast a spell over everyone with their charming ways. At the beginning, people are literally hanging on the lips of this zodiac sign, because the stories it tells are just so incredibly exciting! But the exaggerations quickly come to light and the environment realizes that you have to defuse about half of everything Leo says. What this zodiac sign should perhaps learn: A story is still interesting if it contains far less drama and action.


The passionate and sometimes a little impulsive Scorpios love exaggeration! Be it about bad things that have happened to them, when they are in pain or when they tell a particularly funny story. Does this zodiac sign just need attention or is it in its nature to constantly blow everything up? Probably a mixture of both. Tip: Just let the air out and tell how it REALLY was. Then the people around you may not react so annoyed when you say that you almost died because you struck your toe on the edge of the table …


Sagittarius wear their hearts on their tongues. Because they are very emotional beings, the feelings sometimes run away with them and they turn a tiny mosquito into a giant elephant . This often creates conflicts in which the zodiac sign feels very hurt because it thinks that its environment does not take it seriously. Friends and family only want the best for the shooters – even if that means that they don’t offer a stage for exaggerations. Because when the zodiac sign goes deep into itself, it will notice that everything is only half as wild!

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