How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Says ‘I Love You’ Physically

How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Says ‘I Love You’ Physically

Loving is hidden in the way their gentle interlock, in the embrace in which nothing is said but that flutter is felt in the gut. It hides in the way you sing, dance, laugh, everything you enjoy. Sometimes words cannot get out, but the soul communicates through the body. The body says ‘I love you desperately, but many times we do not notice it. How does each zodiac sign say ‘I love you physically?


When Aries loves you don’t need to say it, it is your body that becomes daring and direct. Aries enjoys playing, he likes to be present when he caresses your hair, when he kisses you on the forehead when he takes you by the hand tightly. He is the one who surrounds your waist without saying anything, he is the person who surrounds you with his eyes. He loves you and each of his gestures confirms it, you just have to pay more attention.


Taurus is an expert at hiding when madly in love. And it is that there is a part of his being that is fearful, he does not want to end up in pieces and that is why he runs away from love. However, it shows when he becomes overly attentive, he wants to be the person who is there to support you in every way. He is the one who fills you with magic after a hard day. He likes to pamper someone he loves with love. 


Gemini is the person who becomes your faithful companion when he loves. He really likes to connect on a deep level and more than physical contact, he is the one who invites you into deep conversations. He is very interested in knowing everything about that special person. Gemini looks for your smile to give you another one, he is the one who loves you slowly then fixes his gaze on your gaze. It has a wildly romantic side.


Cancer you are the type of person who honors home, you become a refuge for the person you love. No matter what you have to do, you always like to put her first on your agenda, you leave whatever it takes to run into her arms. It shows when you love because you make yourself present in the most complicated moments. You are the one who hugs while you touch his head. You like to feel your heartbeat finding you in a hug.


Leo, you are the type of person who when he loves someone wants to shout it from the rooftops. You really don’t understand limits when it comes to giving yourself, the more affection there is for you the better. You are very attentive, you like to surprise with details that only you told. In addition, you break the monotony with unexpected walks, everything that is synonymous with routine you eliminate. Your motto is simple, the more kisses the more love.


Behind the perfection of an Earth sign, hides a soul that is not afraid to show what it feels when it genuinely loves. Virgo is the one who puts consideration first, always concerned about your well-being and will not let anyone hurt you. Find a way to make your partner feel comfortable. Virgo is not one of those who give surprises all the time, but when they do they leave you with your mouth open.


Libra and its simplicity, is the sign that surrounds you, to which you want to share your life without fear. He really is very sweet and empathetic, but when he loves someone it is more than clear, because he feels the need to be around all the time. Libra does not suffocate you, it is a very independent sign, but if they are in a meeting they enjoy breaking any distance. He sits next to you and keeps smiling. 


Scorpio is the one who puts up a huge emotional barrier when it comes to love. He does not like to give his heart to anyone and for that reason he prefers a thousand times to be distrustful, but … when he is with the right person he shows him what it feels like to lose himself in an extensive love, the kind that carry a touch of passion and make you forget about it. weather. Scorpio loves like that, as if there is no tomorrow and it fixes on your gaze.


Sagittarius is the one who invites the irrational when he falls in love, he really enjoys breaking the rules because he lets himself go and simply lets his body feel at peace. Sagittarius is the one who kisses you for no reason, who hugs you suddenly, experiences a kind of instant attraction and just wants to stop time. Sagittarius honors saving moments by your side and making it clear that you brighten their days.


Capricorn is the one who melts for the person he loves, even if it is not to say it all the time, he shows it with facts. He is the one who cares about you in all aspects, does not overwhelm you, but makes it clear that whatever happens will be there to help you. Capricorn is the one who laughs at your jokes, who dares to do things that he did not do before. She is the one who fills you with loves all over your face and then hugs you for a couple of minutes. 


Aquarius is the type of person who finds it difficult to express what he feels, many times he loves in silence, in his own way. It’s not that he doesn’t care about you, it’s that he shows you by supporting you and sometimes he doesn’t even say it. More than kisses, hugs, he stays by your side, accompanies you in defeats and applauds your victories. It is a silent soul, but loyal, there are few who can understand its emotions. Aquarius touches your back or arm, to show love.


Pisces cannot hide it, when he loves someone it shows in how much his eyes shine, the way he smiles contemplating, it is him and his love, the rest disappears. Pisces is one of those who hug non-stop, without a special reason and surprise you with details: like a relax, surrounf your waist from behind. All those sweet contacts but with a daring touch, that make it clear that it melts for you.


How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Says 'I Love You' Physically

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