To Which Person Would You Give Your Heart According To Your Sign

To Which Person Would You Give Your Heart According To Your Sign

There are loves that come and shake your days, that have the gift of painting colors, of making your soul vibrate beautifully. There is no more, it is you and that person plunging into the chaos of life. There are few who win your heart, those who become your everything, your always, that love that you want to put in a cage and that no one hurts. Each zodiac sign decides who to show their vulnerable side to. There are those who do it in a rapturous way and others calmly. To which person would you give your heart according to your sign?


Aries surrenders to a love that does not fear, that kisses against the clock, that takes him by the strong hand and invites him to repair his self-love. He stays with someone who has an adventure in his heart, who clings to his dreams and who is ready to break with the absurd stereotypes that society demands. You want an independent and alert being, who is able to keep up with you.


Taurus is the one who falls in love with fears, so they want to be sure that the other person is not afraid of commitment. It is a sign that he loves long-term relationships, he would give his heart to those who show loyalty, to whom he lives up to his word, who does not play games and is capable of shouting his love to the world. Taurus wants someone who contributes in every way, does not stay with less.


Gemini is a cluster of unpredictable thoughts, their actions can leave more than one with their mouths open. But even with the eyes on, he is not someone who is easily defeated, on the contrary, he becomes very rebellious when it comes to fulfilling what is in his heart. Geminis gives his heart to whoever sets his imagination to fly, who stimulates him metally and is not afraid of adventure.


Cancer is like that, he cannot help but put himself in the shoes of others and when it comes to helping someone he does it from the bottom of his heart, he is a genuine soul. The sign that cares, that guides and becomes fierce when it protects those it loves. Cancer gives its heart to those who show commitment, who does not take home what is light. He stays with someone who does not tell him that he is exaggerating what he feels.


Leo can be very proud, somewhat temperamental and some say selfish, but I would call him selective, he does not have to meet the expectations of others. It is a sign that would give your heart to whoever really understands it, who does not question or minimize its brightness and who simply stays by your side to improve between the two of you. Leo wants someone who is passionate but also very focused.


Virgo is too meticulous when he decides to open the doors of his life to someone. You don’t really trust most people and you are tired of pretty words, you want deeds, you want someone who has the courage to love in every way. She would give her heart to a loyal, mysterious person with a touch of adventure. However, you have to be very smart because otherwise, you get bored.


Libra, it’s like that, the kind of love that makes you shiver just by being close. He is very direct, he likes to listen and give the best advice. Many people consider him a friend, but he is really selective when it comes to sharing his life. He would give his heart to someone who exudes charm, spirituality and who has an immense desire to improve himself in every way, he knows that he does not deserve less.


Scorpio can be mysterious, intense, daring, but the truth is that when it comes to giving his heart he is really very demanding. What he hates the most is having to deal with hypocrisy and instability, if you are not sure what you feel you better start looking elsewhere. Scorpio stays with whoever listens to his fears, sadness and still decides to take him by the hand.


Sagittarius does not commit easily, it is one of the freest signs of the zodiac, but that does not mean that it is not faithful, when it falls in love it does so in the deepest way. However, he needs to feel very secure in order for him to show you his love. He stays with whoever does not demand of him, he does not want ties , he wants to have an accomplice, someone who will become his escape valve after a bad day.


Capricorn is the one who puts honor first when he loves. He is the type of lover who really gives himself, the one who plans a future by your side, the truth is that he does not play games when it comes to love. However, he would give his heart only to that person who is responsible for his emotions, who works hard and breaks his fears. He wants someone to shine with, not someone to turn off his light.


Aquarius is the one who thinks about it a thousand times before giving his heart, he really needs to let himself go or be very in love so that his intense part is present. Although he is a dreamer, when it comes to love he does not get tangled up the first time . Aquarius would give his heart to a creative soul, someone who is willing to break with the conventional, who breathes adventure and loves without fear.


Pisces is the most affectionate soul in the zodiac, sometimes it does not show it with gestures but it shouts it in every detail. He is the one who does what is in his power to please the one he loves, he likes to be at the foot of the canyon no matter what happens. He would give his heart to someone who understands his empathic side, who does not demand that he change and who gives him the confidence to tell him everything that goes through his crazy mind.


To Which Person Would You Give Your Heart According To Your Sign

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