Signs That Love Hugs In Which You Do Not Want To Close Your Eyes

Signs That Love Hugs In Which You Do Not Want To Close Your Eyes

I once read that hugs are the roots that make bodies flourish. No matter how detached you are emotional, taking refuge in the right arms not only fills you with calm, it restarts your life. A genuine way of connecting with the other, so much so that there are no words, are two souls willing to show their humble side. That is why there are signs that love hugs in which you accidentally close your eyes. Because they make you feel so good, that suddenly nothing matters, worries stop and you feel peace. The following signs know what I’m talking about:

1.- Aries 

The one that tops the list of signs that love hugs in which you accidentally close your eyes, the sign that is not afraid to show its emotions, the one that often becomes the pillar that others need. That is Aries, the brave, the risky, the one who knows that he is no longer the same as before and now has the gallantry to set limits every time he proposes it. It is not surprising that he is one of the people who value hugs, because honestly, he is not one of those who show affection to everyone. Aries, you know that you are quite selective, there are few people to whom you tell what breaks you. However, you are grateful when they stay by your side, when they do not question or judge you, they simply become the accompaniment that heals you and fills you with life. For you, the hug that is worth it is the one you want to stay in for a longer time. The one that you don’t care how long it is because it fills you with relief.

2.- Cancer 

Cancer, you are the person who does not conform, who is not willing to stay with people’s appearance, you want to go further. You like to immerse yourself in the world of love, of sincerity, of those who are not scared of being seen crying or laughing until their stomach can take no more. You like to go against the current when necessary, feel the adrenaline rushing your steps. You are like this Cancer, a protective soul, who knows that life is not perfect and that there are times when you have no choice but to shake off the scratch and keep moving forward. However, a hug never hurts, especially those who are able to unite all your broken parts. Sometimes you don’t need to hear anything, you don’t want to be understood, because even you struggle with understanding the fluttering of your emotions. Sometimes you just need a hug to continue, to be reminded that whatever happens, everything will be fine.

3.- Leo  

There are wild, crazy, deep hugs, just like Leo’s. A sign that is not minding when it comes to showing love to the people it loves. Leo is not that demanding in relationship matters, he just wants a loyal bond, someone who is willing to stay by his side even when emotional hurricanes hit him every day. Leo likes simplicity, hearing that someone cares about him, receiving a caress, a kiss, a hug. Leo loves it when they tell him that they love him, it is what he really stays with from the other. That is why he sees hugs as something sacred, a moment that should not be interrupted by anyone because there you can smile as well as cry. Sometimes Leo doesn’t say anything, he pretends he has everything under control, he prefers to be quiet so as not to become a burden, but when he is hugged and feels so good, as to close his eyes, his tears come to the surface.

4.- Taurus 

There are people who embrace you and fill you with life, with peace, with the desire to move on. Taurus is one of the signs that love hugs in which you accidentally close your eyes. People like Taurus, who are not afraid to shout from the rooftops what they feel. If he can be in physical contact with his loved ones, he does it, because he knows that the moments go like water in his hands. So, he has become a collector. Always looking for more, she really wants to connect with people. For nothing in the world would he miss a hug, because there he finds the love, tenderness, and protection, which he needs from time to time. Taurus is used to making a living on his own, not standing idly by, moving all the mountains that cross him. He does not want anyone to solve his life, he wants healthy bonds, who are willing to accompany him at every step and who can comfort him when everything falls apart.

5.- Capricorn 

Do not be carried away by appearances, ignore what they say about Capricorn because there are times when it is so sweet that even he himself is surprised. We are talking about one of the most transparent souls of the zodiac signs, he really does not have the need to pretend to be someone he is not. Capri, you like to be valued with everything and your cold moments, because that’s when you realize that the person loves you for who you are and not because of a fantasy that was made in his head. You are one of those who most appreciate hugs because you don’t give them very often. There is something in you that tells you that you can always, that you hold on to your goals and that you wipe your tears to keep moving forward. You are used to everything going well for you and when a piece falls, you prefer to be silent. Nevertheless, Those who really know you know when something is wrong and that’s when they hug you without saying anything. Without a doubt, it is one of the details that you love the most.

6.- Libra 

Fair hugs, full of peace, of opportunities, that’s the way Libra fills you with good energy. A sign that should not be missing from your list of signs that love hugs in which you accidentally close your eyes, of friendships because their advice comes from intelligence, from putting everything on a scale and not judging anyone. Libra knows how to wipe your tears and smile back, but who helps him? Sometimes you deal with too much pain, but you prefer not to say anything for fear that they do not understand what you are experiencing. His nature is to give love, if you see a Libra very quiet and distant, he is probably trying to untie a lump in his throat that he can no longer handle. Maybe you just need a hug, the kind that you accidentally close your eyes, the ones that make you forget about everything, at least for a moment. Libra does not want a miracle to solve the problem, only someone who is willing to listen to it, who makes him feel that he is not alone and that there is always a new day to try. One of those people who makes you want to hug them to the soul.


Signs That Love Hugs In Which You Do Not Want To Close Your Eyes

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