Signs And Relationships With Or Without Commitment

Signs And Relationships With Or Without Commitment

There are friends to whom you can tell everything because they do not judge you, they listen to you and they do not let you go. They are those with whom you can talk until dawn and laugh until your stomach hurts, but … it is not always friendly, sometimes, they get confused and kisses are present, they are kept in their deepest secrets, the kind that doesn’t they speak. Friends with benefits can fill you with life, but they also tear it away when you least think, because there is so much fear for what it feels like that theirs is left in limbo, and that hurts much more than saying goodbye to any other love. The signs of the zodiac know what I am talking about because they have come to love in silence. Signs and relationships with or without commitment:


You are that Aries who catches the first time, who wastes fire with his crazy way of seeing life. You like to add that bold and uncontrolled touch to everything, especially when it comes to relationships. The truth is that when it comes to friends with benefits you prefer to be cautious, it is not that you run away from it, but before you have ended up with a broken soul for the same thing. You are ardent, but in matters of the heart, you prefer that risk does not take control. You let yourself go, but that does not mean that you are made of stone, you really love and when you start to feel something for a person, labels are unnecessary. However, the friend with benefits, hurts, because it is a barrier that costs to break.


Call it old-fashioned, but when it comes to loving Taurus is the one who applies the advice of the grandfather, he does not really think to put his hands in the fire until he is sure that it is reciprocated. You are hardly going to fall into a profitable buddy relationship, at least not in the long run. The moment you begin to feel chemistry for that person, you prefer to put the cards on the table, he doesn’t care if the situation becomes uncomfortable. Before, Taurus swallowed his feelings and ended up in the worst way. He is not willing to get ideas in his head, neither good nor bad, he is betting on the truth. It is a surrendered, traditional sign, it does not want to live a love between four walls and pretend friendship in front of the rest. Taurus, know that you deserve much more than a love of a little while. Whether you want a relationship or not, there is no more.


Uff! For Geminis, this about friends with benefits is a topic that gives enough to talk a whole week. Let’s say you have conflicting opinions because it really is a sign that you don’t get along with the rules, but you do get along with what you feel at the moment. If Geminis wants to love you, they will do it and then they will take the time to think about the consequences. He loves to feel the adrenaline rushing through every corner of his body. In fact, crossing that barrier with a friendship can be synonymous with awakening your most secret fantasies. However, he is a very good friend, he does not want to lose someone valuable for just a moment of passion. There are times when Geminis just want to release all their pent-up emotions a bit, but … from there to looking for a relationship there is a huge stretch.


If there is someone who prefers to stay away from these relationships without ties, it is Cancer. The truth is that the whirlwind of emotions that you handle all the time makes you wonder whether or not you are with the right person. For Cancer, bonds are not a game, much less when it comes to friendship, if he considers you his friend it is because he really trusts you and has shared his most personal secrets with you. It is a sign that craves stability, does not want to become the person who ends up tired in an empty bed after a night full of caresses. Cancer is direct, the moment the friendship barrier is broken to go to something else, it speaks to you clearly. It may seem intense to you, but you prefer that before putting your heart in the hands of someone who does not know what they want and who knows their weak points.


Friends with benefits or commitments? A difficult question for Leo. Let’s see, it’s not that Leo is a Don Juan desperate to jump from bed to bed. However, it has its tender and sweet side, but also the wild one, the one that does not understand reasons and only gets carried away by the moment. There is a part of Leo that knows no limits and that when his intense side is present what seems like a healthy friendship can end in a crazy night under the covers. Leo is a very mature sign, rarely going to get hooked with a simple bed. If the other person is sincere, they can reach an agreement, with very clear rules, and thus they would have no problem repeating the act. Leo, it is pure fire, does not test his instincts because they focus on his satisfaction and nothing else. Of course, if what you feel is love, it is most likely that you will move away. He doesn’t want to be hurt.


Do not be fooled by appearances, the fact that Virgo is one of the most intelligent signs does not mean that it does not have a daring and flirtatious side. Forbidden encounters may not be on your priority list, but if they come your way, don’t panic. Behind that demure, interesting, and very square personality, there is also someone who can introduce a friend with benefits. However, he is not one to let the fact pass, eventually, he will broach the subject and perhaps in such a crude way that it makes the other uncomfortable. There is nothing to worry about, because Virgo has the maturity to make a clean slate, in case the other person is not interested in anything more than friendship. Make no mistake, if it is nothing serious, it will not happen again.


I wish Libra’s love life was as simple as deciding whether or not to have a friend with benefits. The reality is that it is a sign that hates being in the middle because it sees it as synonymous with an emotional lack of control, not knowing what is in store for them together makes their anxiety rise to the sky. It may be that at the moment your lovely side is carried away and you will find incomparable chemistry in love, however, in the end, you will feel that emptiness that you hate so much. It will probably happen once, but Libra would not bear that that becomes part of their days because they know that it will make them feel confused, undervalued, and also the friendship they once had would no longer be the same. Libra, values ​​his friends very much, he is not sure if a simple passionate touch is worth it to lose something more important.


Scorpio, it’s like the song, who said friends if you know the other person without clothes? He has a very crazy and intense side, who is not willing to miss any passionate opportunity that life presents him. Yes, it is an emotional sign, but not silly, that is, you know at first if someone wants you for something serious or just to hang out. That’s when you decide whether or not to enter the game. He knows how to differentiate one thing from the other, but the other is not always on the same channel and that is when the problems are present. In no way, think that Scorpio is going to argue with someone who is not even his partner, he is not going to allow a simple friend to try to make rules for him. The first time he sees something strange he prefers to get away for the sake of it. Scorpio never takes a wrong step, he knows very well how he is treading.


With or without commitment, that’s right, without fear of anything. Sagittarius is the sign that gets carried away the most at the moment, it does not think to hinder its instincts at a certain moment, if there is a relationship beyond friendship, it is welcome. Limits are for cowards and Sagittarius is rarely left with the desire for something. But … be very careful, because you hate falling into toxicity, that is, if an encounter begins to fill your days with drama and instability, you can simply stop. The joke of friends with benefits is to enjoy. And when it becomes annoying, it has no use, for that he prefers his singleness. Of course, don’t even jokingly think that Sagittarius is going to fall into these games having a partner. They can say what they want on their liberal side, but they are not unfaithful.


Capri, you are one of those of the old school, those who do not see the need to end up mixing feelings of friendship with love. The truth is that for you to fall into temptation is very complicated, you really like to set well-marked limits and you do not give in easily to your carnal instincts. Capricorn is a sign that sticks to logic, it is always what reason tells it first. In addition, he is a demanding lover, he does not want to be only someone’s distraction, if so, he remains single. Capri is daring and passionate, but not with just anyone, do not be confused. That improvisation does not happen and it has nothing to do with being boring, it is selective. If you want a bond it is with genuine ties, otherwise, you do not want anything.


Mischief, passion, and relaxation. Without a doubt, Aquarius is one of the signs that spends the most sparks in their walk. He is very daring when it comes to letting himself go, he does not care about anything, only satisfying his desire at the moment. That commitment is not one of your priorities, you may love your friend a lot, but not enough to demand a formal relationship. Aquarians like to enjoy games they didn’t ask for and that awaken their darkest fantasies. Remember that it is a sign that has the gift of innovation, that it does not sit idly by, and when the objective is to have fun, it is the first to set an example. If Aquarius doesn’t see serious intentions, he just closes the topic and the next morning he pretends nothing has ever happened.


A friend with rights, for Pisces it is like going to ruin because really their heart is so sensitive that it can end up with a lot of cracks. What happens is that when a Pisces offers you his friendship it is because he really loves you, he wants to look good and not do anything that hurts you. When that barrier is broken and they go from confidential talks to kissing, things get complicated because the confusion is present, although neither of them says anything. Pisces, enter a duality, it is not that they are not attracted to the person or that they do not care, it is that they do not want either of them to get hurt. Your mind never stops, if that becomes a habit you will be wondering day and night if you are doing something wrong or right. Pisces stays a thousand times first with his peace of mind than with a simple moment of surrender under the sheets.


Signs And Relationships With Or Without Commitment

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