These 3 Zodiac Signs Experience A Particularly Large Number Of Separations In The Course Of Their Lives

These 3 Zodiac Signs Experience A Particularly Large Number Of Separations In The Course Of Their Lives

These zodiac signs experience a particularly large number of separations in the course of their lives.

Do you also feel that you go through more breakups than the people around you? None of your relationships have really lasted so far and you just don’t know why that is?

It could be related to your zodiac sign. Because some zodiac signs tend to have problems in their relationships particularly often and are therefore more often abandoned by their partners. You can find out which zodiac signs are involved in this article.

According to astrologers, there often seems to be a connection between certain zodiac signs and relationship problems. It could therefore be due to your character traits or the way you behave in relationships.

We have all been abandoned before. And we all also know that this pain can cause us an incredible amount of suffering. The feelings include bewilderment and sadness mixed with the fear of being alone. We fear that we will never find someone again who can love us unconditionally or for whom you feel the same as you felt for your ex-partner. 

However, some people are left much more frequently and have to go through this difficult time of separation more often than others. Some zodiac signs are much more prone to breakups than other zodiac signs due to their character traits. Therefore, there is a possibility that your bad luck in love is actually not bad luck at all, but is related to your zodiac sign.

Is your zodiac sign one of the unfortunate ones who get abandoned more often? Find out!


Taurus is very much oriented towards their family and also holds fast to their values. Once attached to someone, Taurus will want to hold onto that person forever. He, therefore, invests a lot in his relationship and puts his partner at the top of his list of priorities. 

Taurus value persistence, despise change and tend to stay in relationships for too long. They put passion, loyalty, and energy into their relationships in order to retain their partner as long as possible. For a Taurus, a breakup is a big deal. He does not want to accept the end of the relationship, even if there are many problems in the partnership.

In the long run, however, the partner will break up because they feel constricted. After the breakup, the Taurus will remain matter-of-fact and cordial. He doesn’t like the drama. Unless the ex-partner betrayed him. Then his hatred will run free.

If your zodiac sign is Taurus then you are likely a sensual and tactile person. However, if you become too preoccupied with the relationship, it will be difficult for you to see your partner’s point of view.

If your relationships keep getting broken for the same reason, your partner is most likely trying to get you to see things the way they see them. Is that the case with you? If so, focus on seeing the world from a different perspective. Your partner will thank you.

GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 21) 

Twins are fun. They are the life of the party and they are always chatting with everyone. They talk to each other with ease and love to be in love. However, this lovable trait also gets them into trouble, as they are easily bored with people. They crave a relationship, but only if their partner is fun and creative while being stable and secure – a combination they can find hard to find. 

Gemini is also aloof and flighty, which often makes them crave new adventures. This makes the partner feel that their twin is not happy in the relationship. By doing this, he will doubt his own feelings and question the entire relationship. This can often lead to the fact that love breaks and the partner want to break up.

SAGITTARIUS (11/21 – 12/21)

Sagittarians have a hard time recovering from breakups. They struggle for a long time because they were turned away and are now alone again. As a result, they run the risk of developing a fear of commitment and getting involved with a new partner.

They have problems opening up to others and allowing closeness, as they definitely do not want to go through the painful experience again. However, due to their avoidance behavior, that is exactly what happens. Because the new partner will not feel loved one hundred percent and will eventually seek space. 

Sagittarius is also all about freedom. He wants to experience freedom, learn new things, travel, and explore. So he can’t deal well with partners who don’t want to give him this freedom. They are also incredibly reckless about what they themselves may perceive as free expression.

But the partner can quickly get this down the wrong track and decide to leave the relationship if this happens more often. As a Sagittarius, you have a passion for exploration and a need for space. If you have this passion, you should occasionally pay attention to how you interact with your partner. Otherwise, you will soon have more freedom than you would like.


These 3 Zodiac Signs Experience A Particularly Large Number Of Separations In The Course Of Their Lives

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