How every zodiac sign deals with disappointment

Disappointment is something we learn from an early age: the feeling of being abandoned, that someone does not stand up for you, that promises are broken, that dreams go unfulfilled, and that you even fail.

As we grow up, we have different ways of dealing with disappointment.

As a toddler, you might respond to disappointment with a tantrum or emotional breakdown.

As you get older, you may try to pretend that disappointment didn’t touch you.

Sometimes we even use our disappointment to motivate ourselves to work harder and adjust our focus.

With astrology as a guide, the signs of the zodiac look different when disappointed, depending on how each individual deals with their setbacks and then overcomes them.

Our actions and the way we deal with emotional shocks are heavily influenced by our zodiac signs, and so is how we proceed when we have been disappointed.

Not every disappointment is dealt with in the same way because it is of different importance.

The disappointment you feel when you are passed over in a promotion is different from the disappointment you feel when your favorite coffee in the store is sold out, for example.

You may not stop feeling disappointment, but you can change how it affects you.

Sometimes it makes room for something better if you don’t get what you want.

Here’s how the zodiac signs deal with disappointment.


The optimism inherent in Aries does not allow him to dwell on the negative for long.

These people are all about moving on and finding something else to focus on.

That could be entering a competition, doing something that gets you out of your comfort zone, or starting a new project.

If Aries dive into something they’re passionate about, they won’t get too upset about disappointment.


Taurus are persistent, so disappointment won’t throw them off course.

After experiencing disappointment, Taurus will show themselves some compassion and kindness so that they can heal and move on.

They know things don’t always go the way they want them to, but that shouldn’t mean they just stop.

Take the time to process your feelings, but don’t let them slow you down.


It is very helpful for Gemini to discuss things with a friend or someone they trust after disappointment.

If Gemini keep their feelings to themselves, it’s not good for them; these feelings could surface in the future and cause harm.

Geminis are intelligent and it can be helpful to talk about a situation or person that did not live up to their high expectations.

It is good for them to look for clues that they will end up disappointed with, but that they didn’t notice at the time.


It is very important for the cancer to feel its emotions. They are extremely sensitive and if they don’t process things emotionally it could affect their behavior and decision-making.

Cancer needs a safe space and a support system. If they internalize their disappointment, it could lead to emotions such as anger and intense sadness, from which it will be difficult for them to recover.


Like most of us, Lions get disappointed in hundreds of ways every day, but they don’t let that get them down.

They focus on the future and move on, and they know that people look to them to guide them; they need to be aware of their influence on others.

Lions need to be strong – not just for themselves, but for the people who look up to them.

Disappointments are part of the process of getting what you want and making positive change, so Leo is willing to pay that price.


Virgos know that disappointment is only part of life. When disappointed they seek the lesson, they adapt and keep growing.

For this zodiac sign, almost anything can be fixed or made better. The key is to find the lessons that you need, even if they aren’t obvious.

Let’s say the Virgo enters a storytelling competition and she loses.

Maybe they lose two or three times and it is very disappointing, but each time they lose the Virgo learns a little more and can eventually take that knowledge with them and win.


Libra can take a disappointment pretty hard, but eventually they will try to change their perspective on it. The Libra will reformulate it and try to take away its meaning.

You may not have won the lottery, but that doesn’t mean you will never get it; it will only be another time or under different circumstances.

It is best when Libra sees disappointment not as something absolute, but as something that is more ephemeral.


Scorpios are a lot more sensitive than they want people to think, and they tend to hide their feelings.

When disappointed, that feeling of loss or disappointment can sometimes turn into anger or revenge.

Scorpios don’t like the feeling that there is nothing they can do to change a situation. They take steps to make them feel better.

Scorpios are mature, balanced, and strive to be in control. You don’t believe in feeling sorry for yourself.


To get over disappointment, Sagittarius makes plans. They need to be able to have something to look forward to and they don’t like feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of disappointment and frustration.

Sagittarius looks at and focuses on the things and experiences that are guaranteed to make them happy. For them, it’s about taking the power out of disappointment and brushing it off.


Capricorns are practical and wise, and if they let every disappointment they experience sink in, they would never get any further.

Capricorns try not to spend too much time dissecting a disappointment; instead, they learn what they can learn from them, put those lessons into practice, and work to improve.

Capricorns work to understand their part in a disappointment. What can you do to prevent a certain type of disappointment from happening again? For them it is about preparing for more successes than disappointments.


Aquarians handle disappointments with ease. When you’re as creative and innovative as Aquarius, disappointments happen.

For them, it’s about not investing emotionally in everything so that you don’t get disappointed so often.

You distance yourself from the circumstances of disappointment and try to forget about them as soon as possible.

Aquarians are very creative and prefer to look for solutions than let failures or disappointments get them down.


When Pisces are disappointed, they try to engage in something that is passionate about them.

This zodiac sign can be overly emotional, and it may be better for them not to indulge in feelings of sadness when it comes to disappointment.

Instead, fish could get lost in an art exhibition, do volunteer work, or focus on their own creative project.

Disappointment can be a source of inspiration – it’s a door that closes, forcing you to look for other alternatives.


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