The Way Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Their Emotions

The way each zodiac sign deals with their emotions

How do you deal with emotions?

We all have our emotions, and in the world we live in today, some of us don’t want to show our emotional side. Sometimes this vulnerability can be a terrible thing, and so we find it better to keep it to ourselves. However, it is not always best to hide our real feelings from the world just because we are afraid of vulnerability.

Each zodiac sign tries to deal with emotions in a certain way, and here are some of the ways they do that:


When it comes to emotional wisdom, Aries is high on the list. If you’re emotional, let it out. But before doing that, they would consider whether or not it is helpful for them to be emotional. This help could range from materialistic to emotional growth as well. Aries keep cool most of the time, and although they could get emotional, they generally keep themselves in control. While Aries sometimes get excited or angry, these outbursts rarely occur.


For the die-hard Taurus, one of the most important things that is difficult to deal with is emotions. Their emotions affect them deeply, but unlike most zodiac signs who keep their emotions under wraps, when Taurus gets emotional it shows. Your stubbornness starts to tremble and you start to look a little silly. But emotions are never a good thing in their books, and when they finally realize it, they want to break out – scream, cry, or both.


According to Gemini, true emotions should be kept private. So when you go through Gemini’s posts on social media, don’t think it’s her real self. They have the ability to hide themselves really well and can act in certain ways depending on the situation they are in. For example, if a Gemini is upset with someone, they would pretend they don’t care about them. They can do the same thing when around people who are not close to them.


Cancers absorb what they are – emotions and everything. They are not capable enough of hiding their emotions – you can see it in their faces or in their actions. Plus, they can’t really lie because even lying reveals more about their emotions than they want to. Cancers cannot control their emotions when they are angry or sad, and that is perfectly fine with them. While there are certain people they dislike because of their inability to handle emotions, they prefer to be honest and vulnerable. For cancer patients, their emotions are their real strength.


Proud Leo does not think how you would think of something if they did something or exposed it. In general, Leos want to keep it authentic, knowing that nothing can stop them from showing the world their true selves. After all, that’s the best way to empower yourself. So for Leos, expressing yourself emotionally from the start is a kind of strength. Also, sometimes for no reason, they want to reveal something just to get a reaction.


Virgos are busy, and since they are so busy with their lives they don’t feel the need to flaunt their secrets. First, they believe that it is much better to keep the secrets within yourself, and after all, they don’t really care. If they ever reveal more about them, it will be a dire situation. But then the Virgos are so involved in their work that the dire situation never really emerges.


If you have met a Libra, you will find that it is cold and has no susceptibility whatsoever. But that’s exactly what they want you to believe. There is a huge difference between the inner and outer scales. Libra has a tendency to rethink and overanalyze. Even if they don’t show it, their emotions and thoughts are in constant struggle inside. If they are very comfortable with you, they may open up, but before that you should be ready to deal with a cold and hardened appearance. But for someone who ponders so much, Libra could do well to be a little vulnerable.


Scorpios keep their deepest feelings trapped in their hearts. If you are trying to learn more about the inner secret of Scorpio, you will likely never get a clue about it. They can hide behind masks and even if you understood something was wrong, they wouldn’t trust you enough to reveal something. When Scorpios reveal their weak points, they will feel weak. Therefore, they prefer to keep a tough appearance than a vulnerable one.


Sagittarians are pretty open. The fiery sign may be intimidating at first when they open up, but that’s who who they are after all. For Sagittarius, vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s a way they can grow. It’s okay for most of us to be open, but only with people we’re comfortable with, friends in general. Sagittarians have a practical approach to this problem – they know that everyone was a stranger before they became friends. This gives them a lot of flexibility to work with and so they stay open and sincere for most of their lives.


For Capricorns, control and maturity are everything. You are not someone who is willing to act on your emotions when you don’t know you can keep them under control. That would make them look immature, and being immature is the worst condition for a Capricorn. So, even if they understand why they are feeling a certain way, they are not ready to share those feelings with others.

However, in certain situations, such as an argument, you can reveal parts of it. But by their nature, they would mostly keep it under control. So even if they tell you some secret, understand that they only share parts of their emotions that they can keep under control.


Aquarius confuses people when it comes to revealing their secrets. They are friendly, so they will give you selective information at a meeting. While it may appear that they are honest, it is really not. Even if you might feel like they trust you, your closest friends would not agree. Capybaras have a special talent for being selectively vulnerable.


Pisces is connected to people and their way of life. On a personal level, they are pretty good at controlling their emotions. They would keep most of their emotions hidden within themselves, but if there is something that makes them sad or upset, they may get a little more open. Because Pisces are connected to people, they are intuitive and they process other people’s feelings more than their own. Pisces lose control and tend to become vulnerable when other people’s feelings enter their lives. Pisces is more difficult to deal with other people’s emotions than it is his own.

Each zodiac sign has their own way of dealing with their emotions, but it is necessary for everyone to know that sometimes the best way to deal with life is to express your emotions. As with everything, balance is key with emotions.


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