The Way You Break Your Own Heart (By Zodiac Sign)

The way you break your own heart (by zodiac sign)

We all fall in love and fall out of love! We feel shaken when our hearts are broken. But are we aware that much of our hearts are broken because our natural inclinations and dispositions are determined by our zodiac?

Here are the 12 zodiac and how they will eventually break their own heart according to their zodiac signs.

1. Aries:

Aries break their hearts by running away from love at every opportunity.

They feel that love is not for them and believe that it will end abruptly and fear that things may never be right again!

2: Taurus:

Taurus often breaks their hearts while pretending they don’t have one. Someone may be cold on the outside, and if you don’t tap into your core feelings, it is easily broken.

3. Twins:

Often times, Gemini will not let people in and are reluctant to find a new love! They believe that they are better off alone and feel broken all the time. That is flawed and dangerous. Find love and care!

4. The cancer:

Cancer often breaks your heart by unnecessarily hurting others. Lots of good people give you a chance for one reason or another. Relationships are not a priority for you at all!

5. Leo:

Lions often break their own heart by wearing it on their sleeve. You are impulsive and very quick to draw conclusions. Mindless intervention can break your heart.

6. Jungfrau:

Virgos often break their own heart if they don’t let go of their ex. Often you compare what you have now with the past and don’t give those who are brand new a chance! Sometimes it’s better to heal first and then love again!

7. Libra:

Libra often break their own hearts by loving others more than themselves. You can be the easiest sign to get along with and everyone may love you. They hate to let people down. It’s okay to be selfish every now and then, although it’s not natural to you!

8. Scorpio:

Scorpio, you are heartbreaking for trusting everyone but yourself. You are a stubborn person and relationships are not easy with you.

9. Sagittarius:

Sagittarius often break their own heart by giving people the chance to break it more than once. Sometimes you need to push people away, not because you don’t care, but because you need to put yourself first.

10. Capricorn:

Capricorns are often heartbroken when they are too honest about what they want in life! In an effort to appease others, forget to ask yourself what you want and need in life and relationships.

11. Wassermann:

Aquarius is often heartbreaking for not forgiving others in the past. Most people forgive you and you are too hard on yourself. You are your worst enemy.

12. Fish:

Pisces often break their own hearts by living in the past and clinging to the wrong people. They are sensitive and do not know when to let someone go and who to hold onto when life is a mess!


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