Never Stop Believing That GOD Will Send You The Right Person At The Right Time



Have you ever felt like you’ve reached your breaking point? As if you could not anymore and as if you had enough?

Enough of the bad men who enter your life, enough to try to be strong and hard, enough toxic a**sholes who want to ruin you, enough failed relationships and enough heartaches?

Have you ever been on the verge of completely giving up love? One step away from accepting the fact that you are not made to be loved and that you will never find your soul mate?

Well, that’s exactly the time you have to continue. It’s the moment of your life when all your inner strength is put to the test and the moment you have to be braver than ever.

And do you know why? Because it is God who puts you to the test.

It is God who puts your faith and your desire for good things to the test. God tests your ability to love and, above all, your patience.

I guess you’re not going to believe it, but believe me when I say that God has a plan for you and for every person in the world.

Yes, it is true that sometimes we can not understand this plan, but that does not mean that it does not exist.

God knows all your life. He has prepared a man for you, a man who will be your destiny and a man who is only for you.

No, this man will not be perfect. However, it will be perfect for you and that’s all that matters.

It will be everything you have always been looking for. He will be your other half and the missing piece of the puzzle – someone who will complete all the parts of you that you did not even know were missing.

However, you will not meet this man whenever you want. It will not enter your life when you judge it good.

No, he will come to you when you are ready. He will come when you are the woman he needs and when he becomes the man you need.

And do you know why? Because God always has perfect timing.

He will send you the good person at the right time. It may happen when you begin to believe that you have completely abandoned love or when you have lost all hope that the right person exists.

This could happen after you have experienced a few failed relationships that will serve you as lessons.

After you have met a lot of bad guys who will serve as preparation for whoever will be the only one who is good for you.

When this man arrives, all of a sudden, all that you have experienced until then will have a meaning. You will see that your whole life until then was only a part of something much bigger.

You will understand why all these misfortunes must have happened to you and why all these toxic people approached you at a given moment because without them you would never have known how to appreciate the right person.

When this man arrives, all of a sudden, you’ll understand why it never worked with any of your ex.

You will be grateful for each time you have been deceived, for each time you were dumped and for each time you were heartbroken.

Grateful for all the doors that closed and for each time you did not get what you wanted or whatever you wanted.

Grateful for all those times when you thought you had lost someone you thought was the one you needed and thankful for all your battles.

You will be grateful for every obstacle that you have encountered on the way and for every springboard that has brought you there.

For all the difficulties and challenges you had to face in the process because you know that if things had not turned out exactly as they did, you would not be there.

So, please, do not fall into despair. I promise you that your light at the end of the tunnel is waiting for you, despite all the darkness around you now.

Be patient and trust. Have faith in God because He always knows what He is doing.

And please, trust yourself.

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