14 Ways To Make Him Realize He Needs You


Sometimes a relationship reaches the point where we forget the need to fight for each other, because we are too sure of our mutual feelings.

We all get used to having someone on our side, as if it were part of us and it is impossible to lose that part. But a healthy relationship requires that everyone continue to work hard and work with each other to make it work.

We all need to feel appreciated, loved and desired. Feeling ignored, neglected or unwanted are the most painful feelings that can be felt in a relationship, especially if we care deeply about our half.

It is said that the worst solitude is that which one feels while being beside the person loved.

So, what to do now? Do you feel alone in your relationship? Do you feel taken for granted?

Or have you just started a relationship and want it to work, showing him that you are the woman of his life? Wondering how to make him realize he needs you ?

We have compiled a set of small games and ways to make him realize that you are the one he needs and a woman who is worth fighting for her.

Ways to show him that he is losing you and that it is time to step up the game if he wants to keep you.

1. Show him that you are more than a body

You’re not just meant to keep him warm in bed or help him out. You have feelings and needs just like him.

Show him that you are more than an object in the house. Rather than rolling in the sheets, tell him that you need to discuss your problems and feelings.

Show him that you are best friends, lovers, life partners and not just love partners.

Men tend to forget about the benefits of having a great woman by their side simply because they are quickly overwhelmed by their daily lives.

But to remind them that they enjoy all these things will undoubtedly force them to slow down and enjoy the present moment.

Sit down with him and ask him to talk to you, to listen to you. Show him that he makes you feel good and that you need him to be with you to feel that again.

Tell him that you feel lonely and that you have the impression that he takes you for granted; that’s not love. Show him too that he can have a good time with you. Bring him a beer, put his favorite film, show, or sport and watch with him.

Put some music, which reminds you of your beginnings and just enjoy two. Push him to travel through your memories to remind him of those times when you were friends and then lovers and partners.

Remind him of the woman he fell in love with and how he treated you then. If he continues to take you for granted, perhaps it is time to return the favor.

2. Show him that you trust him

The lack of confidence or the feeling that it is completely absent is one of the reasons men go away.

Maybe he feels bad about going on a business trip without you because he feels like you’re going to be pissed off. Perhaps he is unable to enjoy the moment because he sees the shadows of jealousy everywhere.

Show him that you trust him. Show him that you trust him with your heart, your feelings and your fears. No connection is more powerful than fear and hope.

Sharing your greatest feelings and your greatest fears, as well as love is something that a man can not resist.

Suggest a one-to-one weekend once he’s back from his trip. Or turn off your phones and enjoy each other and the time you devote yourself.

Spend the weekend cooking together, dancing, making love. Do you remember those moments when you spent hours talking on the pillow?

When did you do this for the last time? When did you last open to each other?

Use your little love getaway to re-open each other and reinforce those links that you share.

3. Find time for each other – not just you for him

Maybe he’s so used to having you by his side that he forgets that he has to make an effort, if he wants it to stay that way.

The next time he calls you, do not answer. Find a new hobby, meet new people.

Show him that now he has to fight to spend time with you, that you are not a pup who responds to the second one called his name. You are a person who needs to feel wanted.

Once he has demonstrated his desire to fight for you, work out a compromise. Sometimes there is no better way to show him that he is losing you.

If he offers to go out but you already have something planned, do not cancel for him.

Show him that you have a life outside and that there are, in addition to him, other people you care about. Then suggest that you re-schedule your appointment.

If you continue to take time for him but find time for you only when it suits him, he is likely to never stop taking you for granted.

4. Show him that you appreciate him.

As you need to feel appreciated and loved, he needs it too. But instead of the usual compliments you make him, try to do things differently.

Tell him that you have no doubt about his success on his project at work. Tell him that you love his way of securing yourself. Tell him that you are looking forward to spending time alone with him and enjoying his superb body.

That you need to be close to him and fall asleep in his strong arms because you feel dejected.

Show him that he is appreciated, that there are a thousand and one reasons why you decided to give yourself to him. Show him how much you admire his professional ethics and his spirit.

That it allows you to feel good and that you want only your happiness to both. Say “thank you” from time to time because we are so used to things that people do for us that we start to take them for granted.

Perhaps he too feels that he is being taken for granted and is that why he is moving away? Just show him that you notice his efforts and appreciate them.

5. Get out without him

You used to always go out together but recently you spend all your evenings in front of Netflix and sometimes (but really rarely) you make love?

If you want more, if you are not satisfied with this lifestyle but are not quite ready to admit it in pure white, show him. Go out without him. You really wanted to go to the cinema but he did not?

Go alone, go with your friends, do not just stay home just for him. Do you want to go to a club? Go for it ; you went to a club well before meeting him. Just show him that you do not need him to go anywhere; show him your independence. 

Enjoy your life fully and keep in mind that you do not need him for that.

Yes, if he accompanies you along the way, if he is beside you during your moments of happiness, it’s great but if he ignores your invitations, force him to come to you.

If leaving the house in your company does not tell him anything but he is delighted if it is with his friends, show him that you too can play this game. If he still does not react, it is perhaps the sign that something is going on.

Either he is under too much pressure; he is depressed but does not know how to talk about it. Or he sees someone else. The most important thing is that you know that you deserve to be happy, even if it means being without him.

6. Show your confidence in yourself

Self-confidence is not something that is given to us naturally and it is generally easier to lose it than to win it.

But if you trust yourself and work hard to keep it that way, post it! You adore your body in this little tight dress but are worried that it may be jealous?

Wear it and if he doubts you, if he does not trust you, that’s another problem. But if he is certain of your love, what could happen if you only remind him of the wonderful woman he has at his side?

What could happen if you only show him that you are still that strong and independent woman he has fallen in love with?

You have the opportunity to advance professionally, but are you afraid that he feels threatened by your success and your salary?

Honey, if you can face the challenge in front of you, you can handle it too. Believe in yourself, trust your instincts.

If you feel it, do it. He will also learn to believe in you and maybe that will teach him to believe in him. He will look at you and learn to fall in love with you at a totally different level.

If, by bad luck, he decided that it was too much to bear and if he felt threatened, do you really need this negativity in your life?

7. Let him take care of himself from time to time

Do not go to help him when he is ill or has problems at work. If he tells you he can handle it alone and only needs to share it with you, let him do it.

You are not his mother. Let him iron his shirts once in a while and tell him that you would like him to prepare dinner because his cooking is excellent. Small successes are the premises of great successes.

It is important to remind him that you are not a dishwasher, a housekeeper or a cook, especially there to serve him. We tend to go beyond limits to please our loved ones and make our man happy.

But somewhere in there, we forget that we too must be happy. May our happiness be as important as anyone’s. So why not let him take care of him from time to time? Take care of yourself too?

It is important for you to show him that you trust him on these points, without guilt or anger, because men are usually very susceptible as soon as the word “irresponsible” is pronounced.

If you want to show him that you are independent, why not give him the same chance?

8. Make sure people around you love you

Do you get on well with his mother and father think you’re a gift from heaven? Perfect, the hardest is done. Plan a weekend with your parents to remind them that they love you and find that you are both perfectly together.

Her friends think that you are the best woman in the world and that he is really lucky to have you?

Tell them that they can watch the game at home but bring their lunch and not stay too long. Do you plan a girls’ party and enjoy it too?

Show everyone that you have a life outside of your relationship – something that all men admire: women who are not sticky or dependent.

If you are already loved by his loved ones but he goes away anyway, it is possible that something serious is going on. Because seriously, you have to be a big moron not to see how exceptional you are.

If he has not responded to any of your tactics, it’s time to sit down and discuss your problems. None of you are happy and you have to do something about it – together.

9. Make yourself a priority and make sure he understands why it’s absolutely necessary

Neglecting yourself for the sole purpose of making sure that it is satisfied and happy is by no means a way to preserve your relationship.

He is so used to your presence, so accustomed to taking care of him that he does not need to take care of himself or your relationship …

Because he thinks you’re going to do it. Show him that this will not be the case, get yourself first. Instead of going to her parents for the third weekend in a row, go where you want, alone or with friends.

Stop respecting his desires as long as he does not respect yours. If he shows you that he suffers, do not exacerbate the tension.

Try calmly to make him understand that you need a little getaway, that you really need to take time for yourself and that you really need to feel wanted. And for the moment, that’s not how you feel.

10. Give him some space

There are certain things that men like to do alone or with their friends, like watching a game, going to a bar or going fishing (CAD drinking beer and talking about their rotten lives).

It does not mean that he does not like you or that he does not appreciate your company – it’s a bit like afternoon shopping or spa days for us.

These are his moments and he wants to enjoy them without having to worry that you are bored or that his friends say something that hurts or upsets you.

As much as you love him and want to spend time with him, it’s important that you give him space to breathe.

Spending every minute together will only make you weary of each other and argue unnecessarily, because none of you have had time to relieve the pressure.

And believe me, these moments are as important to him as to you, which takes us to the next point.

11. Enjoy life outside of your relationship

It is important that he sees that you are not dependent on him, that you know very well how to get out of it alone. It will be curious to know what you do with your time, the life you lead outside of your relationship.

Find a new hobby, make new friends who are not connected to your life and do not know your partner.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to have more fun, talk about something other than what you are talking to him or your friends.

You will have more to offer and this could awaken the passion and fire that burned within you.

12. No more excuses

To apologize to him, every time he makes a mistake or hurts you, will only make him believe that you are his own.

Stop tolerating your rotten behavior if there is, because if you claim that they do not exist, it will not improve. Show him that you too have feelings and that he must make efforts.

If you are upset because he is not helping you at home or with the children, tell him. If you are upset because he takes your efforts for granted, tell him. He will not realize it alone, not before it’s too late.

We all want to make our companion happy and we often forgive too many things out of love. But remember, it’s just as natural to love yourself. It is normal to leave if things get too heavy to wear. It is more than normal to ask for the respect to which you are entitled.

Or, it will allow him to give you the respect, to appreciate you more and therefore to want to be more with you, or it will crack and go away.

In any case, it’s a happy ending. You will have the man you deserve or be rid of whoever does not deserve you.

13. Take initiative in the bedroom

romance is important – maybe not as much as the other things in this list, but important anyway. Be enticing and crazy, tease him and make him want to ask for more.

If you’ve been doing it the same way for months, change! Put yourself above him and show him who commands. Drive him to the edge of the precipice and go away, until he begs you to come back.

Or refuse outright intimacy with him, but while sending him text messages so rude that he will almost lose his head. Seduce him and play with him until he can not stand it anymore. Show him what he’s doing next, and believe me, he’ll make some effort to satisfy you.

Play various games with him. For example, scatter your clothes from the front door to the bedroom, let him know what to expect as soon as he enters the room.

Or leave him a note saying that you are hidden somewhere, naked and that he will be able to do whatever he wants if he can find you.

Send him pictures of lingerie and ask him for his opinion of what he would like you to wear when he comes home and when he comes home – do not wear anything.

Tease him in public, flirt with him by sending messages to him at a professional dinner or family reunion. Tell him that you want him here and right now and challenge him to take you.

14. Do not let him have anything he wants, whenever he wants

We are no longer in the sixteenth century. We have fought hard for what we have today and God knows we are still fighting like crazy.

The time when a man’s words were law in a relationship is long gone. Show him that this is out of the question. He wants you to play with him but you do not want to?

If he begins to ask you to come, putting pressure on you to give up, stop him right away. You have your own will and your own needs. Tell him where you need him.

If you want him to help you with the children, tell him. If you want him in your bed, tell him. He is not so special that he can have anything he wants, when he wants.


14 Ways To Make Him Realize He Needs You

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