If he has not been heard from for a long time, send him this one message.

If he has not been heard from for a long time, send him this one message.

How can it be that men sometimes take ages to answer you? Sometimes they take hours or even days to answer your message. And every now and then it also happens that a man doesn’t let anything be heard from him. And that, although it actually went pretty well in the beginning and you had the feeling that something could really develop from it.

He could be busy or lost your number because his cell phone broke. In all likelihood, however, they simply have little interest in you and do not feel it is important to answer you. Because the fact is that no matter how busy you are – you can always give yourself a little time to at least briefly let them know that you are very busy. You feel like you shouldn’t normally wait days for an answer if the guy is really interested in you. Unless something really bad has happened to him. Or is it not?

And let’s assume that he has little interest in you, or maybe has lost interest over time. How can you get this man’s attention back?

Well, there is some kind of message that could do this. If there really is any trace of interest left in him, then this news will surely increase his awareness of you. 

But first of all you should learn about an important secret of the male world:

When men get to know a woman and find her interesting, most men do not write as much with the woman as the woman would write with a man they find interesting. This is simply because many men don’t think writing is that important, while women do. The woman may be attractive in the eyes of men, but she is just not that important in their lives.

That might sound harsh, but men don’t really mean it. It will also change once a man sees you as an important part of his life. So you don’t have to worry if he doesn’t always answer you directly.

Women mostly think that they should ignore the man or stop writing completely in order to appear attractive again. A short break from writing is fine, but it won’t do you much good if you just stop contact and the guy does the same.

Plus, he might assume you’re mad at him. Most of the time, men have had some experience with women in this regard. So try to refrain from this method if you really want to spark his interest in you.

Instead, use this strategy to get the conversation going again:

Send him a selfie of you! No, it shouldn’t be a suggestive picture and you should be dressed normally (the way you usually walk around in public). Write him a message, for example: “Hey, how are you, handsome man?” 

Why will this selfie and message combination work?

Very easily! It has 3 important components that will grab his attention:

  1. He will be grateful to you that you are not annoyed by him for taking the time to answer. He will believe that you are different from the other women he has been in contact with before you or may be in contact with you at the same time.
  2. The selfie is a reminder of how great you look and what he missed all the time he was out of touch with you. Men tend to focus on the physical parts of women, especially during the getting to know each other. It may sound silly, but a man will definitely jump on visual images of femininity.
  3. He receives a compliment and will be happy about it. Know that men are less likely to receive compliments, especially about how they look. In this way he associates a positive feeling with you.

So if he’s still interested in you, he’ll answer you. You can try it out right away and see how your guy reacts to it. By the way, you can repeat this strategy over and over again. You just take another selfie and write him another message. Perhaps you will send a photo of yourself doing something you are doing or just lying on the couch. In this way, show him more of your everyday life. Pictures say so much more than messages alone, making them a great way to get attention.

However, if he does not report back, then you know where you are with him now. If he’s just not interested in you, then you should stop wasting your time on him.


If he has not been heard from for a long time, send him this one message.

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