In these 5 steps, men process a breakup

Yes, he too suffers when you split up. And to deal with the loss, he does the following

This is how men process breakups

How do men behave when a relationship is over? The portal “EliteDaily” spoke to several experts about it. First of all: How a man behaves after a breakup always depends on how the relationship went and how it ended. What most of the “abandoned” do in a similar way: They follow these steps of pain processing:

This is what men do to break away from the person they were in a relationship with

Step 1: you distract yourself

After a breakup, men often jump into a new relationship first. Either with a completely new person or they search their phone book in search of a passable ex. However, they usually only notice that they are actually only doing this to fill the gap in their hearts when the new situation only makes them miss their ex-girlfriend even more. Distracting oneself with “a new person” does not only make sense because the men do not deal with grief and problems, but also because they run the risk of hurting a third person (the new person).

Step 2: they have affairs

After Step 1 – getting bonded right back – doesn’t work, abandoned men enjoy throwing themselves into a series of casual affairs. The main thing is that they can have fun again. This is especially true if the ex relationship was long-lasting and the man couldn’t date anyone else for a while. So the men continue to distract themselves rather than preoccupying themselves with their feelings.

With which women do men want a relationship, with which only romance?

Step 3: you retreat

After an abandoned man tries to distract himself through love and surrogate love (which did not work), he retreats into his shell. He stops dating, spends more time at home, with family or with friends. Or, more likely, he throws himself into work.

Step 4: you get angry

At this point, men realize that they have just pushed their feelings away. But the pain of the loss is still there. That’s why they get angry. Perhaps they start teasing their friends about their ex or let their frustration run free via social media. Until they don’t suffer as much anymore.

Step 5: the healthy way out

Once men have completed the processing steps, they can finally look ahead again. And if you’re smart, then by the end you will have made yourself aware of a few things. Why did the relationship fail? What could I have done better? How do I want to deal with certain situations in the future? Because then men have really processed a breakup.


In these 5 steps, men process a breakup

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