Love: These 4 things unsettle men in a relationship

These things can make your partner feel insecure about the relationship. But this is how you can solve the problems

Here’s how you can support him

Insecurity can weigh on a deep bond and trust in a relationship. However, many are not even aware of their uncertainties. But mostly the partner is not to blame for these thoughts and feelings. In men, such general insecurities cannot be recognized at first glance, because they like to cover up their feelings. Letting in insecurities is a weakness for most men, which is why they prefer to suppress them. It is therefore all the more important for the partner to recognize these insecurities and to give the loved one a better feeling.

These are the things that make men feel insecure in a relationship

1. Another man gets compliments

Many men feel insecure when their partner gives compliments to other men. Be it because of the good job, the athletic ambition or the great appearance. Of course, that doesn’t affect every man. Some can deal with it well and even agree with the partner, while others coin what has been said and feel inferior if they don’t get the same compliments.

2. Romantic Performance

Men worry unnecessarily about their performance in their residence. You don’t want to disappoint your partner and you want to achieve top performance all the time. The woman can show her sweetheart that he is doing everything right. In this way, uncertainties disappear and the togetherness can be enjoyed again.

3. If he was cheated on in a previous relationship

If a man plunges into a new partnership immediately after an unsightly relationship has ended, it can happen that he has not yet overcome his insecurities. He might feel affected and it might occur to him that his new girlfriend is cheating on him too. The past has not yet been processed and the uncertainty weighs on the new relationship.

4. The woman has many male friends

There is nothing wrong with male friends in general. But if the woman spends a lot of time with her male friends, the partner can feel neglected and insecure. It may occur to him that something could arise between his partner and a friend and it is written off. So the woman should make him feel good and be honest with him.


Love: These 4 things unsettle men in a relationship

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