8 things that make him even more in love

There is no better feeling than being newly in love. The whole world feels like it’s made of pink cotton candy. Unfortunately, the “on cloud 7” feeling doesn’t last forever. With a few little tricks, however, you can lengthen it and conjure up stars in his eyes again

These things make him (even) more in love

1. Make him laugh

Nothing is more attractive than a common sense of humor. Because when the partner can laugh at the same things as you, it makes it a lot easier. Make him laugh with a funny story from your everyday life, or send him funny memes or pictures on Instagram.

2. Fall asleep in his arms

There is hardly anything better than falling asleep in the arms of your loved one. Nobody can take away this indescribable feeling of security. But not only women think it’s great, but men also enjoy it – presumably because it arouses a protective instinct in them.

3. Surprise him

You don’t have to give him a trip to Las Vegas as a present, but it’s not just us who enjoy small gifts, but men too. Does he love the fresh croissants from the bakery around the corner? Then buy them next time – just like that.

4. Spend a full day in-home together

The perfect Sunday: stay at home in pajamas all day, watch series, and order pizza. And all of that together. Show him that you can also do without high heels and make-up. Nothing screams “I love you” like a Netflix and chill day at home together.

5. Give him time to miss you

As nice as it is when you are freshly in love, take some time out. Go to yoga or go on a girls’ weekend. Sometimes you only realize how much you like each other when you no longer see each other continuously. He’ll be all the happier when you come back.

6. Experience something together

A whiskey tasting together or a bike tour around the lake? Why not go for a long weekend to a city you’ve never been to? Or eat your way around the world in Berlin? The more they experience together, the stronger their connection becomes. Suggest something to your partner – it doesn’t always have to be the romantic spa weekend.

7. Get on well with friends

It is an absolute no-go in a relationship if the partner’s friends are not liked, or vice versa. Therefore, be open to new acquaintances, organize a barbecue, and signal that you are interested in getting on well with friends.

8. Stay with him

Even if it sounds so banal, love is and will remain an important part of any relationship. Studies show that men often find that romantic performance is neglected. Actively counteract it! He will be absolutely delighted.


 8 things that make him even more in love

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