If You Want To Understand Your Emotions You Have To Know What Your Lunar Sign Is

Almost everyone knows their sun sign, it is commonly known as the “Zodiac Sign”. Ultimately, our sun sign is our essence, our purest “I”, the energies that we end up developing and with which we most identify. Even when the rest are not able to fully recognize us that way. But the Moon works differently. The Moon represents the emotions, the memory, the mother, the origins, the memories, the home, the energies that you feel safe … Therefore if you want to understand your emotions you have to know what your moon sign is.

We all handle our emotions in different ways and feel more comfortable in certain circumstances. Well, depending on where the Moon is located, we will understand that comfort and security.

If you don’t know what your Moon is, you can find out here. (You have to see the sign where your Moon is)


Your emotions are intense, impulsive, you do not beat around the bush and you feel somehow secure with the great demonstrations, with the strong and passionate reconciliations after an argument or anger. The confrontation does not bother you, you always want to know what is happening and you are not afraid to face the truth. You can overreact and you have to work your patience because you hate that things are slow to come.


Your emotions are sensitive, affectionate. You find security in the material in some way. You need to feel that there is food in your fridge and that you have money to survive or at least assets to lean on. You tend to give your all to your relationships and expect the same at least in return. But it is true that if someone does not give it to you, you give them the “opportunity” to think it over and regret it. You feel comfortable when you have the feeling of home and family with the people and in the places where you stop.


Your emotions are ambiguous, so much so that even you sometimes scare yourself in your moments of lucidity. One day you can love madly, another day hates with a certain intensity. You are usually a very nice person but you can also “disappear” overnight. You are comfortable with the changes. When you start to feel too much for someone you overwhelm yourself because you think that feeling can make you lose your mind and in the end, you try to distract yourself with other stimulating things that make you “stop feeling”. This can be a bit stressful for the people around you.


Despite your sensitivity, your feelings, and the fact that it is easy for others to play with your emotions, you are very strong emotionally. It’s rare that you do things that you don’t feel like. Deep down, it gives you a lot of security to follow your emotions and your instincts and you tend to embrace your emotional and sensitive side. Even if it hurts, this is just how you really feel comfortable and safe. If you do not do it and you make the decision to follow other impulses that are not emotional, you are capable of regretting it all your life and going back to return to the beginning. You dedicate yourself to others and you love feeling deep connections. You have a special desire to create a home, a bond, important stability with others.


If you want to understand your emotions you have to know what your moon sign is and you have the Moon in Leo you like to be in control of everything, especially your emotions. You are usually the center of attention in every meeting you attend, you are optimistic and a bit of a clown at times. But it’s really like that when you really feel safe. Your emotions are intense and deep but somehow also quite fleeting. Of course, you can become very stubborn and very proud when there are arguments in between.


You tend to analyze everything too much. You find yourself comfortable helping others, even ending their problems. You are very critical of everything and you tend to be quite organized and orderly. You are comfortable with your order but sometimes you are so perfectionist that you leave things undone because you know they will not fit the way you want. The energies of the Moon in Virgo are difficult to handle and tend to be extreme. Either I do everything and I do it perfectly or I do nothing. You tend to be emotionally reserved and are always willing to lend a hand when needed.


You feel comfortable when you are at peace when you are in balance when there are no fights or confrontations or bad bad vibes. You dislike the screams, voices, and an environment full of discomfort, it even makes you sick many times. Sometimes you put the needs of others before your own just to keep that peace. Sometimes you tend to want everyone to like you, actually neglecting how you feel or your own balance.


Your emotions are intense, tremendously intense. You feel safe constantly transforming yourself. “Dying and being reborn.” You tend to hide your emotions and others may be suspicious of you for this reason. When you really open up to someone, you are deeply committed and caring, and protective. Your connection with your mother can become extremely intense and fused.


If you want to understand your emotions you have to know what your moon sign is and you have the Moon in Sagittarius, you are afraid of commitment. You feel that you always have to live everything to the fullest and when suddenly, emotions subside a bit (at the end of life they rise and fall, they come and go) you get overwhelmed and you begin to ask yourself that perhaps it is the end and that you have to change heading. You want to always live in high vibrations, and you have incredible faith that everything will work out.


If your Moon is in Capri, you feel comfortable having lots of lonely moments. Sometimes you have a bad habit of staying there longer than you should instead of combining the moments. You feel safe when you have emotional stability. You need to have those emotions very controlled because you are afraid of suffering or that they can play with them. You feel more comfortable keeping some things to yourself because even if you give it your all, they won’t know everything about you.


Your emotions are unpredictable, even for you. You know that you can break with everything when nobody expects it and yet endure when in the eyes of others, you would have to send everything away. Sometimes, you feel in some way that you lack emotions. You don’t feel comfortable expressing everything you feel. You have so many thoughts every day that you don’t see the need to share them with others. Possibly because you don’t think they understand you and secondly because you always like to have something for yourself because your individuality is important.


You are capable of feeling tremendous compassion for others. You feel comfortable trying to help and understanding others. You have the facility to put yourself in the place of others and really feel their pain or their joy. You are innocent and tend to balance reality and fantasy. You feel good imagining situations that only seem to be in your dreams, and you have faith that they can be achieved at some point, even if that is not your main purpose. Therefore, if you want to understand your emotions, you have to know what your moon sign is.


If You Want To Understand Your Emotions You Have To Know What Your Lunar Sign Is

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