This Is How The Signs Burn Completely

There comes a time when we all hit rock bottom, but for real. We have been so focused on doing things relentlessly that we don’t even realize that little by little we are weakening, we are falling into a bottomless pit and we have completely burned ourselves. Each sign has its reasons and its motives for arriving at this. Each sign is a world. This is how the signs burn out completely. 


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You don’t pause anything. You always go a thousand an hour and you feel that if you stop your life you will not be happy or you will lack “something”. It is clear that you love being who you are, doing a thousand things, being active … In fact, that is precisely what attracts others to you. But you also need to rest. Aries mind and spirit. Do not be afraid of missing anything, there is time for everything and that is something that you must take into account. Do not overexploit yourself, do not burn yourself.


You like to do things well, Taurus, but the problem is that you don’t give yourself room for error at any time. You hate that something escapes from the plan you had in place. You know what you want in life, and that is good, very good, but you also have to bear in mind that sometimes not everything goes the way we wanted, or it may require more time, or it may force us to change the plan. And nothing happens Taurus. You have to accept, even if it costs.


It’s hard for you to say no Gemini because you have the feeling that you might be missing something important. But like an Aries, you need to relax a bit from time to time. You think you can do anything, and possibly so, but at what cost Gemini? Despite your energy, you must also replenish yourself from time to time. There are many things to do in the future, although the future for you is something uncertain and not always motivating.


Do you know when you completely burn Cancer? When you give everything to others and in the end, you are left with nothing. When you don’t take care of yourself and it’s later when you realize everything. Yes, Crab, especially in love, you are very prone to giving up 100% of yourself and in some way, in toxic relationships, you are even capable of crawling like never before … Of course, you realize this in the end and that’s when you open the eyes when it hits you. How is it possible to have been so blind? Well, the best thing is that you will go back, as always …


You want everything to be perfect Leo. And it is that you involve yourself a lot to make it that way, even giving more than what you have, making a brutal effort to please the people you love so that they are happy and well. And if in the end, the other person does not give the value to your actions that you know they have, you collapse Leo. But really … You feel stupid, disappointed, and broken inside. You’ve been burned a lot and you can hit rock bottom with that kind of scorn.


You have the need in some way to fix the lives of others all the time and also, you feel that you can only be the one to do it. Sometimes you put yourself under the obligation to do it, you put that burden on your back, and in the end, it overwhelms you. It is okay that you try to give good advice to others to solve everything but you cannot do everything Virgo, not even you. You will also have to focus on your own things and not so much on those of others because you will end up burning a lot.


You always have the feeling that you can improve the lives of the rest of Libra, that you can give them peace and calm, that in the end, if they really listen to you, everything will end up going well but the problem is that you get too involved many times. It is clear that you see how some people dynamite their life by their actions and you feel the need to be there, to support them, and to try to get them to direct their life. When you find someone who wants to change it perfectly, but when you find someone who does not want to do it, you burn. You see everything so clear …


You spend a lot of energy hiding some of your Scorpio feelings and emotions. You don’t want anyone to know a lot about you and you maintain that cold and distant demeanor when in fact you would like to act differently. It is difficult to explain but sometimes, you stop being spontaneous and natural because you are always thinking badly, that they may fail you, betray you, or do you some kind of harm. This can really be something quite exhausting Scorpio, something that ends up burning a lot.


If you are not well you get overwhelmed a lot. It is as if somehow you have the need to be happy 24/7 and the fact that there are setbacks, or arguments with your partner or even with your family, turn you off a lot. You will have to learn that this is not the end of the world and that everything can stabilize again. You can make final decisions for temporary situations and no, it is impossible to be happy all the time Sagi, and it is not bad. Without sadness, we would not know what happiness means. Remember the ying and yang.


If at some point you end up burning, it is undoubtedly because of the pressure you exert on yourself, Capri. Everything has to be in order all the time and if something gets out of your control you start to feel tremendous insecurity in your life. You have to rest, you have to recharge your batteries and you also have to learn to finish it up, to fail, and to go back up again. But most importantly, that this does not affect us too much. The word failure gives you panic and you link this word with rest or relaxation. Come on, what do you think that if you take a break it might end in failure. Be careful because if you don’t take it, it will be when it ends there.


You feel that the problems of the world are carried on your back Aquarius and no, the truth is that it is you who makes the problems bigger than they are. You don’t always confront them, you leave them behind the scenes because you probably have much more important things to do and suddenly one day they all come out and explore together. And that’s when you start to get overwhelmed. It is not that you want to leave the problems parked if not that little by little (for your thousand things in the head) it ends up being that way. And when they explode you will burn. Because if you didn’t have time to solve them before, imagine now. You have to take time and be present Aquarius. Not being here and thinking about other things.


Very often you find yourself being that person that everyone turns to vent. You don’t really care if they do it and in fact, what’s more, you feel good being there for others. Sometimes you think that maybe your feelings don’t matter so much, like that what happens to the world is much more serious, much worse than what you feel … And that’s when you break down. If we add to that that you also absorb the energies of others and keep them for yourself, you are capable of running out of strength. And you already burn with great intensity when you feel that you are there for everyone but no one is there for you. And not because they are not there, but because you lock yourself in that no one will be able to understand what you feel.


This Is How The Signs Burn Completely

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