How do the zodiac signs behave in love

There are two ways to find out what is inside a taciturn man with a very mysterious face: by putting it on an x-ray or rubbing our editorial magic ball. The second option is obviously preferable, because, in this case, the mysterious male soul is not blocked by banal male bones. So if you want to find out if he is in love with you or just fools his head, – come here. We already figured out everything.


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Capricorn in love will not drag you into bed, he will be friends with you. Because Capricorn is a beast: a) smart, like Wikipedia; b) shy, like a bunny at a tank training ground. He must first wait for you to relax and forget what kind of gender he is. And then she will shake out all the secrets of you as a girlfriend. And only then he will either offer to take off his underpants or he will run away with a cry of horror and shudder from disgust. In general, if Capricorn is interested in the details of your divorce, he has serious plans.


Aquarians usually come up, ask what time it is, and then – a memory failure. And in the morning you wake up in some strange apartment, and some alien Aquarius sniffs nearby. Which then promises to call back and disappears. This, obviously, means that he is not in love and can be dealt with. Having a business with Aquarius in love is a task with an asterisk. Beloved Aquarius with a grim determination ruins your lives so that you can wear your beloved Aquarius mask with a clear conscience: “Everything is very complicated. Everything is complicated, just a carpet. ”


The man in love, Pisces, without hesitation, will tell the whole world about his passion for all available social networks. A friend who does not have accounts in social networks, he will call. And acquaintances who do not have a phone will write a hundred letters, put them in a hundred bottles and lower them into the water supply. Then the Pisces man will perform some feat to perpetuate your name in history.

And commit a monstrous crime, defending your honor. As a result, he will get to Alcatraz, run away, cross the ocean and come to you on the doorstep with a bouquet and poems. In short, if a Pisces man falls in love with you, you don’t need our ball. You yourself will somehow guess.


With Aries, everything is also quite simple. If Aries fell in love, he comes up and says: “I fell in love, take off your underpants.” Aries, of course, can play romance, but this is definitely not his favorite game. Aries believes that if you love a woman, you need her by the hair – and into the cave. And there already to love her, as it should, without all this blah blah blah. Therefore, with Aries, the strategy is very dangerous: “no, no, what are you, I’m not like that.” Aries shrugs and finds one.


Taurus in love turns into a Comedy Club. Well, in a good way. Therefore, it is very difficult to miscalculate it – if Taurus is trying to make you laugh, you can start coming up with names for your great-grandchildren. But I must say, this strategy of Taurus works perfectly – everyone loves to laugh. Therefore, in the case of Taurus, you need to be aware that if he begins to make another laugh, she will also not be able to resist. And the great-grandchildren will have to curse grandfather without leaving the pot.


The twin in love will chat much more than usual … What does it mean – is it impossible? Love for that and love to create the impossible. A twin in love is able to talk twenty-four hours a day for a week in a row, without taking breaks for food, sleep, and toilet. If you turn off the phone, he will talk to the wall, but still, he will tell one more – yes, the last – cool story, how he went with a horned dog to a polar butterfly. That is, yes – it is rather difficult to distinguish a twin from a lover from a non-lover. You will have to measure the intensity of white noise – if it is higher than the human ear can withstand, then this is definitely loved.


This mysterious infection in the chitinous shell is difficult even to our magic ball. Damn him, Cancer will understand what is on his mind. Caring? He is always caring. Attentive? This is the middle name of Cancer. Strict adult daddy? Well, he’s like that from birth. And these women around him? Either he had something with everyone. Either he had nothing with everyone.

Either almost everything happened to him, but something prevented him. Nothing is clear with Cancer. It’s unambiguous to judge that Cancer is in love, for example, in the registry office when he says “yes”. Here the probability is quite high. Although the devil, Cancer, will understand.


Well, that’s easy. A loving Leo will act so that your girlfriends burst with envy. And parents – out of tenderness: oh, our girl was presented with ponies, beads and Lamborghini diablo. Leo’s love falls under the continuous pacifying rustle of notes. Tremble jackals, the king of beasts goes to spawn.


A virgin in love is such an archetypal lover that she stands all night under a lantern with a pack of cigarettes, huddling in an icy wind to see at least once how your delicate silhouette flickers behind a light curtain. At the same time, Virgo quite rationally calculates the coefficient of the rigidity of his behavior – is the silhouette thin enough? Is the curtain light? not observed on the coveted balcony mess and old non-romantic boxes from under the refrigerator? If all the answers to Virgo are satisfied, he will give up in plain text without all these ambiguous: “what are you doing tomorrow night?”.


Lovers of Libra are beginning to actively engage you in the best marketing traditions. He does not say, “buy goods.” He says: “This is the best product, he won this beautiful tennis cup, canoed along the tributaries of Missouri and gave a fortune to charity, that’s what a good product.” At the same time, in the best traditions of influencing Central Asia, he will see to it that your glass is not empty. And when you soften, take you warm. You, in fact, do not even have time to think: “Is he in love?”. You already wash his shirt with the inscription: “Champion of all 2010”.


Scorpio in love is watching. Or rather, no. Sorry, now there will be a capsule: Scorpio in love LOOKS. And in the eyes of his drama, sorrow, regrets about unfulfilled dreams of love, a shadow of sadness, a touch of thoughtfulness, your reflection and the inevitability of moving to a horizontal position. Scorpio in love does not like to chat.

Scorpio in love seeks to be in his territory as soon as possible in order to make a crushing impression on the victim. And the territory of Scorpio, as all the kids know, is love.


Sagittarius will not unwind the intrigue and from the threshold he will say: “Marry me, pull the damn”. And while you gasp for air, buy rings, order a restaurant, show up to your parents, kiss your mother’s hand, your father will like it, and you have a lot of long explanations why you don’t want to marry such a wonderful guy. Well, if for some reason you don’t want to. Although it doesn’t matter. Sagittarius lovers do not understand the word “no,” and his refusal will only inflame it. The lover of Sagittarius can be connected and sent to Paris to the House of Mer and Libra with the signature: “Excitement”. Or you can give up and go to Paris together. Because he still will not get rid.


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