These are your secret strengths, according to the African horoscope

These are your secret strengths, according to the African horoscope

Not only the cultures in the world are different, but also the different horoscopes.   The ancient peoples from western culture read the zodiac signs in the starry sky – the ancient Celts, however, read their horoscope from sacred trees and plants. In African culture, people have their own signs. From baobab tree to amber, everything is included!

This astrology is hardly known in Germany, but it is certainly just as revealing as the Chinese or our western zodiac signs. African astrology is not read from planets and stars but from ancient rituals. In the past, animal bones were thrown on the floor and the future was read from the pattern that resulted. Bones are no longer used today. For the African horoscope, one takes the date of birth, which belongs to a certain symbol from nature or from the human world. 

In this post, you will find out which symbol according to the African horoscope belongs to your date of birth and also the secret strength of your sign. Find out!

January 4 – February 3 – The baobab tree

This symbol embodies the baobab tree, which is also known as the baobab tree. It stands for fighting spirit and steadfastness. If you belong to this symbol, you are particularly strong-willed and never give up in difficult situations. You have the courage and an endless strength that makes you a natural leader. You are a clear thinker and a role model for many people.

February 4 – March 5 – The revenue of amber

Amber people are original and authentic. Her facets are wide and her personality shines like a star in the sky. You have many faces and are always looking for things that stand out and are not normal. This gives you a special perspective on things in the world.

March 6 – April 4 – The family

The family means that you have heart strength. You are a person who is selfless and open. People love to spend time with you and often ask you for advice. Your warmth is hard to miss, which is why many people feel safe in your presence. These people are wonderful partners or friends who can put their own needs on hold for others.

April 5 – May 4 – Everyday kindness 

You have the talent to bring people from different life situations or cultures together. Your personality is characterized above all by your self-confidence and your diplomatic attitude. That is why it is easy for you to resolve conflicts and work in a team. You can drive a group to work toward the same goal.

May 5 – June 4 – the market

If you are a market person, then you have an energy that sweeps other people away. You have a great zest for life and exude a lot of positivity. That is why people are attracted to you and want to spend time with you. But try to stay on the ground and focus on inspiring other people.

June 5 – July 4 – The ancestor

These people are attracted to power and are often considered unloving by others. They lead others naturally, but their often distant and distant nature tends to isolate them from others. But they also tend to do more and get others to achieve that success. The forebear is one of the most revered signs in African astrology.

July 5 – August 4 – The judge

Those born under this African sign tend to respect others and their opinions and are able to quickly weigh different views and make a decision. They are well-grounded and have a fair and accurate view of life and its circumstances. You can easily find friends and use the enthusiasm and energy of others for anything.

August 5 – September 3 – The kola nut

These people tend to be energetic and unstable, which reflects the kola nut from the kola tree that contains the stimulating caffeine. However, as they get older and more mature, they develop the wisdom that goes against their youthful zest for life. In African culture, it is generally believed that those born under this sign have intuitive clairvoyant powers that many are concerned about.

September 4 – October 3 – The Traveler

Travelers love adventure. They want to gain as much experience in life as possible and can rarely standstill. You get bored quickly, which is often perceived by other people as restless. Thanks to your courage, however, you will have many wonderful memories of your life. 

October 4 – November 3 – The distant horizon

These people are usually dreamers, philosophers, and anarchists who reject conformity and prefer to follow their creative intuitions. They prefer to live spontaneously and to be driven by the circumstances. Passionate and instinctive, they are usually confident and warm-hearted and often achieve great success in life. However, they can be caught by the limitations associated with success.

November 4 – December 3 – The Child of Truth

People with this sign live a successful, calm, and safe life because they have a generous and strong nature that others find attractive. They are often seen as speakers of their community or a project in which they are involved. Sometimes this simple way to achieve goals can lead to imagination.

December 4 – January 3 – The granary

This symbol stands for a personality who has the courage to take the initiative. These people take matters into their own hands and are therefore a role model for many. They are committed visionaries who can make it far in life.


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