This is how the zodiac signs behave when they break inside.

This is how the zodiac signs behave when they break inside.


They start to isolate themselves and they will only unpack and talk about their problems when it is really necessary and there is no way around it. When a ram is in love, he wants to share with you every tiny, stupid detail of his life and know everything that happens in your head. Aries are actually very straightforward with their intentions. But if you asked them if something was wrong, they would surely not tell you the whole truth.


Bulls go to great lengths to make their lives appear as “happy” as possible. For example, they try to perfect their Instagram posts or redesign their living spaces to hide how unhappy they really are. Bulls are aesthetic, visual, social people, so much of their happiness depends on how things look and how they can imagine how other people perceive them. They will try to hide their misery and pretend to be happier than ever.


Twins will not be able to control their misfortune well. You can tell by the fact that the life of a twin is a big mess. He will have to fight at work and come home stressed. He’ll cry for no reason, freak out with friends, all because he doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that he’s really not happy. A twin will not be subtle if it is unhappy, but it will be undecided. He will try to limit his dissatisfaction to anything but the relationship until he has no choice but to face reality.


Crabs become petty when they are not doing well. They talk about how unhappy they are with their friends, make passive aggressive comments here and there and mostly do everything they can to let go of their pent-up misfortune without really having to address the reason. When a cancer can’t be as loving as it usually is, you know what’s going on with it.


They become aggressive and then repellent. Lions, who are secretly unhappy, are pretty brutal because their self-confidence is determined by their self-confidence, and if something in their personal life doesn’t match their deepest truth, they become very insecure, beating, and eventually just trying to project it onto others .


Virgins try to throw themselves into anything that distracts them when they are bad. Virgins are passionate by nature, but also slightly paranoid. Although they are often viewed as relaxed on the surface, they quickly become restless on the inside. If virgins delve deeply into part of their lives beyond what is normal, it may indicate that something is wrong in another part of their lives.


Scales will be obsessed with work if they have problems. They are good lovers, but they are also workaholics. Remember that they are the sign that depends on balance. When a balance unbalances its life, it must counteract the discomfort. And she does so by plunging into something that distracts her. This shows you that she is actually not doing well at all.


They either refuse to commit, or they freak out about things that have nothing to do with the problem. Scorpions are the most intense signs of the zodiac, and if they’re secretly unhappy, they honestly can’t go on like this for long. They will control their feelings too quickly. Outbursts of anger and howling attacks are then the order of the day.


Shooters become passively aggressive. You have outbreaks that appear to come out of nowhere or inappropriate tantrums. On the surface, they maintain their light, humorous, adventurous nature, but they can only grit their teeth until someone responds to them. Watch out for jokes or spontaneous comments. Most of these are too sarcastic and have a mean undertone.


Capricorns try to control everything when they are unhappy. They don’t like losing the ground under their feet. That is why they prefer to focus on the problems of others than to start with their own. They try to identify others’ problems and find solutions, although others don’t even ask about them.


Aquarians come with big, grand dreams and goals and actually pursue them. You move to other countries, found companies or start new projects. This is a key indicator that they are secretly unhappy. You distract yourself with new things and in this way you do not have to explain.


Fish just want to be free when they’re bad. They want to experience everything that life has to offer and suddenly have an interest in simply roaming the world and seeing what is out there. They may say that they are happy, but when they sit alone somewhere, they are unhappy deep down.


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