Every man wants these 4 qualities in a woman

Men openly discuss what the perfect woman should be like. However, they would never admit these wishes in public

These four qualities make up dream women

Men want a lot from women. Good looks are high on the list for many. But there are other things that make men really happy in a relationship with women .

1. A woman with her own identity

In every relationship, the partners become more similar over the years. What sounds like harmony and unity, it is. But there is also the risk that at some point the two partners will no longer be independent persons , but will only be perceived as a couple and only act as a couple themselves. This leads to the fact that there is almost nothing left that the partner does not know or has witnessed himself. And then boredom threatens very quickly. Only women who maintain their own identity, do things on their own, maintain their own circle of friends independent of their partner and thus maintain their life as an independent individual, remain really exciting.

2. A self-respecting woman

If people are in a relationship for longer, visual aspects quickly lose their importance. At the very least, many people tend to let themselves go, not paying attention to appearance, weight, or other goals. The partners trust each other completely and draw strength from each other’s proximity. That sounds adorable, but it doesn’t make you attractive. If one side has to constantly urge the other to pay more attention to itself and to do something for itself, that is very tiring. It is also a sign of a lack of respect when one side no longer wants to look good to the other. Women who have the motivation and strength to do this themselves are always more attractive than those who let themselves go or who need outside motivation.

3. A woman who shares goals and dreams

What you intend to do with your own life and what goals you absolutely want to achieve is an essential point. Of course, men want a woman who supports them in this. But be careful: the goals of the woman shouldn’t fall behind, otherwise your own identity will be lost very quickly (see point 1). A woman who just chases after the man and gives up everything to enable him to succeed may be comfortable. This is not love in the long run. It is therefore important that a woman’s goals and dreams match those of the man. If you discover at the beginning of a relationship that they are not compatible at all, this could be a sign that sooner or later a relationship will run into problems.

4. A woman willing to work on the relationship

If a relationship is to last longer, work is required. Men want women who are willing to invest this work and show understanding when love takes a bumpy road. That does not mean that they expect the woman to do everything alone, but they want the partner to be willing to pull together with the man in order to be happy with each other in the long term.


Every man wants these 4 qualities in a woman

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