9 girly things men are crazy about

9 girly things men are crazy about

Women unknowingly do some things that are purely feminine and that men are crazy about. Do you bite your lip when you are thinking? Then know why a man is looking at you at this moment with such eyes!

1. When you play with your hair.

A woman does so often when she is listening or talking when she is watching a movie or thinking, and of course when she is flirting. Men find it cute and sometimes even lovely. So you can do it on purpose😉

2. When you can stand up for yourself.

Of course, men do it too, but women do it in a special way. And men like to see a strong woman. It can even be in such an innocent situation, when a man tells you something that you did not do, and you answer: “How could you think that about me?”.

3. When you dress for yourself.

This is a sign of maximum self-confidence. This means that you don’t care what others think about your style. The main thing for you is that you feel comfortable and beautiful. It reflects your uniqueness and men love it.

4. When you are confident in your body.

Today, many women find it difficult, because there is so much pressure around, as a woman should look like. Learning to accept yourself and love the way you are is difficult. But when you learn – men will be crazy about you, no matter what figure you have!

5. How your eyes burn when you talk about what you are passionate about.

When the eyes are burning, when passion is visible in them, then any person becomes a hundred times more attractive! Because then you are real.

6. When you tease him.

Not offensive, but innocent and funny. Men like it when a woman knows how to make a witty joke or pin them up.

7. When you are devoted to your friends.

Men have heard a lot about female friendship (in a negative light), so they notice when you don’t gossip about your friends and don’t tell your boyfriend about their personal moments, but on the contrary, you jealously defend your friends. It shows you as a devoted person.

8. When you become the main support of your man.

When you support him, even if no one believes in him, even if he is not sure of himself. No wonder they say that behind every great man there is a great woman. Because it is women who inspire and motivate men.

9. When you can cry over a movie, but also kick someone’s ass.

Men are touched by female sensitivity and at the same time touched and delighted by their strength.

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