5 feelings a man must have to fall in love

1. He needs to feel safe with you – above all, emotional and psychological.

Although men try to hide it, they also need a sense of security. And when he feels that he can relax and open up with you as much as possible, you have a great chance to fall in love with him.

When a man feels that he can be honest with you, admit all his fears and are not afraid that you will laugh at him, he falls in love.

You become his home, for which he is ready to fight, because you showed him that he can trust you.

From now on, he will no longer look at others, because you are all he needs. You are the one who holds him in her arms and shows that everything will be fine as long as you are together. And that’s all he needs to know to give you his heart.

2. He needs to feel like your hero.

Being a hero is part of every man’s personality. This is a need that sits deep in their DNA and they cannot get away from it.

No matter how strong a woman you are, a man expects you to let him steer from time to time. He needs to feel that he is helping you, that he is your knight.

He will try to provide you with a good life in every sense, so that you feel like a superwoman. Together you can conquer the world.

3. He needs to feel accepted and appreciated.

A man will never tell you, but he wants you to appreciate him for who he is. He wants to be real with you and not be afraid that you want to change him.

Honestly, we all want to feel this – the freedom to be ourselves with the right person, without fear that he will try to change us.

So when a man shares his secrets with you and lets you into his personal world, do not push him away so that he does not feel as if his emotions mean nothing.

When a man shows you his vulnerable side, do not run away from him – it took him a lot of time and courage to take such a step. Trust me, he’s been thinking about letting you into his soul for longer than you think. For men, this is unnatural and difficult. So when he does that, then he is one step closer to falling in love with you, and if you refuse him, you will destroy him like a sand castle.

4. He needs to feel that you are vulnerable with him.

He wants to hear your secrets, desires and everything that you hide from most people. He wants you to do with him those facets of yours that you did not show before, so that you open up to him. This will show that it’s okay to have different feelings and emotions. It’s okay to share them with someone who is very important to you, because he will never betray you.

Yes, it can be scary, but it’s worth it. When you find someone who supports you and is always there, it’s all worth it.

5. He needs to feel that you are not pretending.

When you show a man that you are real with him, do not pretend and do not play, do not pretend to be cute, just to please him, then he becomes closer to falling in love with you.

If you let him see that you are a real woman with flaws, but ideal for him, get ready to be with him all his life, because this is exactly what he is looking for.

Let him know that you are real when with him. Show that you are not afraid to live to the fullest.


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