According To Your Sign How You Rose From The Ashes

Rose From The Ashes

According To Your Sign How You Rose From The Ashes

One day you realize that you don’t need anyone to shine and that as long as you believe in your dreams you can achieve them. That’s when you understand why many things you’ve experienced. You were the sign that was humiliated, the one that lowered its head many times, and the one that believed that it was not going to get up again. Yet you picked up every little piece of your heart. How did you rise from the ashes according to your sign? No one imagined that in the midst of pain, you would value every drop of your essence more than ever. 


You remember yourself there, with chaos in your mind and soul. You felt angry with yourself, for all those times when you put yourself at the feet of that person and they did not appreciate it. It costs you a lot to turn the page, but when you do, you don’t come back. You are not given to begging, even if you cry with rage. Your illusions were broken for a while, you accept it, but it was only a pause. Not even the greatest evil in the world can turn off the sweetness that is in your heart. You always get back up. 


Without a doubt, you lived moments in which the tears ran out. Taurus, you felt that the sighs left you breathless and the dark circles on your face screamed that you couldn’t take it anymore. It hurt you to bet on such an insane love, so exhausting and cruel. However, you took the change boldly and ripped away all those memories that you created yourself. That person simply showed you the true face of him. Precisely, the one you don’t want to see again for the rest of your days. It’s real, far they are much better. 


Don’t let them tell you to get over it now, it’s the worst thing they can do to you. It seems absurd to you that people are not ready to see you cry. Come on, you’re not going to throw yourself into depression for months, but you need your space, clean your soul to start over. You may be very reckless about some things, but when you put your trust in someone and they betray you, they destroy you instantly. It will cost you triple, but in the end, you will rebuild yourself much more beautifully than before. 


Cancer, you do not forget, neither tomorrow, nor the day after, nor in a year. If someone dared to break your feelings, they will have to deal with your absence. No matter how much you love, your pride and dignity are much greater. You are not going to stay next to someone who fills you with sadness and if you have to start from scratch, you do it. You are one of those who prefer to stay without anyone by your side, than surround yourself with people who have no idea what loyalty is. You are going to heal and when they want to return it will be too late. 


Nobody said that you are made of steel, there are moments when you feel each crack shaking your heart. It’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s worse to realize that the person you thought you loved never really existed. You cry for what you lost, but then you realize that it is not worth your tears. So you have the courage to stay with the footprint, learn the lesson, and keep moving forward. That you have gone wrong this time in love, does not mean that it will always be like that. 


The truth is that you are no longer here to feel bad for someone who rejects you, you know they do it because they can’t have you. Fortunately, it is your intelligence that does not let you fall so deep in such cases. You keep the beautiful and let go of everything that broke you. For you, the breakup means saying goodbye, but not getting hooked on it. You have the courage to resurface and renew every corner of your heart. Your soul is too beautiful to continue suffering for someone who is not worth it. 


Give yourself that congratulations, Libra, because you deserve it, many bad things have happened to you and you still have the gallantry to keep smiling. Your essence does not compare to anything, you have learned to deal with the thorns of life and you already realized that you can overcome pain. You don’t wish ill on the person who destroyed you, but you know that sooner or later karma will come to him. Your process has not been linear, some days you are fine, and others with your self-esteem on the ground. But there you go, you’re making it. 


No one is going to tell you what it’s like to try to smile with a broken heart. It’s hard to realize that life is not as beautiful as you imagined, but you have faith that everything happens for something and something better always comes. There are times when you have to swallow your tears, not out of pride because they are not worth enjoying your suffering. The bad thing is that each disappointment makes you twice as suspicious and that is not so healthy. Scorpio, don’t close yourself off for so little. You deserve to start over, you may be late, but you will. 


Thank you… it’s the only thing you can say to that person because they walked away and you’re not willing to give them a second chance. He showed you that he did not believe in you and that when you most needed his support, he was not there. You felt that he broke every last piece of your soul, you did not see the light. However, the expiration date arrived, and the memory of him was not forever. You’re over it and now they’re vibrating so high that it just doesn’t fit into your life anymore. 


On the outside you seem invincible, someone who always has everything under control, but there are also times when you feel dazed and underappreciated. Capri, it is not easy for you to pick up your dignity and start over, but that does not mean that you are going to stay living in the past, the last thing you want is to carry ghosts. You get ready to battle pain and focus on your projects, there’s no more, life doesn’t stop. 


Every day you face it with more force and now you have the certainty that everything that in the past made you fall, became your greatest encouragement to continue. It’s not that it doesn’t hurt to say goodbye, it’s just that you’re not willing to please a bad love. He had you in his hands and took advantage of it in a very low way. You may have to shed a couple of tears, but you are no longer here to cry seas to anyone. 


You are not going to save anything. If you have to cry with courage you do it. You do not want to stay with any bad feelings and that is why you take refuge in the people in your circle. The one who is not scared to see you torn to pieces and she is capable of drawing you a smile. However, you need some time alone, put things in your head and your heart in order. It is valid to accept that you still love that person, but do not forget the reasons why you should not return to her side

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