Sagittarius Are You Falling In Love?

Falling In Love

Sagittarius Are You Falling In Love?

Sagittarius likes everyone, socially they enter everyone’s eyes and whatever they do, they usually make a good impression and attract attention in a favorable way. He has something, he can be more or less extroverted but the important thing is his naturalness. Sagi always finds the right words and even when he is clumsier he is charming.

And of course, one thing goes with the other. He relates well, and he has many opportunities to meet people and to live stories and for this reason, it seems that he doesn’t need to fall in love!

People have more trouble if they notice Sagi. Either they are lucky or they are not. and sagi? Just because you’re good at social life and have plenty of roles or people to spend a good time with, doesn’t mean you’ll never fall in love, right? Well, therein lies the problem, sometimes Sagi doesn’t want to see what’s happening to her, what’s happening to her… When love arrives, she has no idea if it’s someone she likes like other people or if she should be analyzing some different sensation. Perhaps it is simply a barrier that is put up to

1 Your social life no longer matters so much to you and your sporadic relationships from before no longer serve you

We have already said that Sagi’s social life is intense. She is claimed to be in many places, his presence is liked and he is wanted close to parties and meetings. Others want to relate to her/him, they want to know about her/his life.

And in this social life, you Sagittarius, have no problem relating to anyone. You can be comfortable with people from any country, with experiences very different from yours (better), with an unusual appearance…. Come on, you don’t have problems with anyone, you’re curious and you’re social, and that gives you a lot of baggage in life and in your relationships.

Naturally, among so many relationships with so many different people, you find many opportunities to have romantic adventures, to become affectionate with some of these people. And with so much to choose from, it’s harder to focus. You don’t need to fall in love, you are very independent and you don’t focus because you like freedom and you prefer to jump from one relationship to another. You always have a choice, there is always water in your well, although it may be arrogant to say this. But that’s how it is.

Having said all this, we could arrive at the first answer, Sagittarius. If you see that you are focusing on someone and leaving other people and other more superficial relationships aside, it is that someone really interests you. You don’t care so much about those great no-strings-attached relationships and all the freedom you had from not being focused on anyone. Something is changing. You may be falling in love…

2 You only want to spend time with that person

Exclusivity is one of the best tests to measure love. When someone wants to spend a lot of time with a person, there is no better sign that love could be knocking on their door.

Sagi, if you are starting to see yourself only with that person, wanting him/her more than anyone else, wanting to spend more time with him/her, all your time even… Something is changing. Cupid may have shot you an arrow, another one for your collection…

3 You want to open up to that person, you want to move forward, and the future is important

Opening up emotionally is not normal for Sagi. The centaur is a social animal, there he gives everything, and that has always been enough for him. In your social and sporadic relationships, you don’t need to tell much about yourself. Everything flows without having to make confidences. The deepest feelings are carried inside…

That’s why, Sagi, if you suddenly want to tell everyone what you feel, if you want that person to know everything about you if you’re going to open up so they can see everything inside you, if you care so much that you want them to know all of you if you want to go further if you want to move forward… something is happening.

Because you don’t have much interest in knowing what’s going on inside you, you stop being frank and sincere when it comes to talking about your emotions and you don’t mind being in frivolous relationships that are not expected much more. But of course, because you don’t care too much…

If one of these three answers starts to be positive… You’re falling in love!

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