Signs That Crump Emotionally But Rise Stronger

Life does not warn, out of nowhere it shakes you so much that you even forget the journey, it even makes you want to run away. Sometimes you can’t take it anymore, you feel like you’re drowning, that no matter how hard you try, you can’t reach the goal. Sometimes you just want to pause, look up at the sky and beg God not to let you go. There are signs that break down emotionally but rise up stronger. Life is not rosy, but sadness penetrates the soul.

Because you feel sorry? No one taught us that it’s okay to let tears fall, that it’s okay if you feel like screaming, jumping, wishing it wasn’t happening. It’s fine if one day you want to stay in bed, feeling like your sheets become a refuge. From time to time you have to turn off to regain energy.

Signs that break down emotionally but rise up stronger

There are signs of the zodiac that are so transparent that they cannot avoid it, that their emotions are noticeable, in their gestures, in the way they walk, in the tone of their voice. There are those who walk away when the storm comes into their life, because they do not like to show themselves in pieces. Yet in the depths of their sadness they lie and cling to move on as you have no idea. Who are they?

4.- Cancer 

Cancer forgets himself, because he gives all the time, because his heart is full of goodness, warmth, home. Cancer is the person who reminds you to lift your head even in your worst moments. A sign governed by the emotions of the Moon, for that reason sometimes they do not understand themselves. Sometimes they are emotional, sad, victorious, but they never let their guard down. They have the gift of protection, they were born to help and it fills their hearts,but from time to time they need a break, because they feel that problems overwhelm them like a lump in their throat.

3.- Scorpio 

The sweet and intense thin line between a smile and sadness, this is Scorpio , an unstoppable accumulation of feelings, the same has the best attitude of the day that you want to not speak to anyone. The problem is that sometimes they are very curious, a water sign that does not settle for any explanation, wants something more, to discover mysteries that later alter their mental, emotional and physical stability. They generally control their decisions but sometimes their emotions play bad games on them.

2.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius does not have good control of their emotions because they enjoy the extreme, genuinely reaching the limit is their passion. Although it is a zodiac sign that always tries to see the good side of things and smile even in misfortunes, sometimes it can lose control. Well, amid so much freedom, you can feel sad, a kind of inexplicable emptiness caused by adventure. So when you miss your home, your loved ones, your pet, that’s when your world can fall apart, but don’t worrybecause they always get stronger. 

1.- Pisces 

Although it seems that Pisces lives in their bubble and it is difficult for someone to alter their emotional stability, this is not always the case. Behind a serene, quiet and caring soul, there is a terribly sensitive person. Pisces is the person who can hide suffering behind a smile, they are the ones who give you love even when they are broken. However, they are very intuitive and are absorbing negative emotions from others all the time, which can make them feel overwhelmed.


Signs That Crump Emotionally But Rise Stronger

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