Signs That Love When The Other Person Plays Hard To Be By Their Side

Person Plays Hard To Be By Their Side

Signs That Love When The Other Person Plays Hard To Be By Their Side

The more difficult the better, there are signs that honor this theory, they really like to test their love, and they want the other person to play hard to be by their side, it is a fun way in which they find out how much they like each other. They love that they give everything, that they are romantic, tender, and thoughtful, and know how to win them over with deep conversations. Let’s say they love to play hunt and hunter. Does it sound familiar to you? What are the signs that you love when the other person plays hard to be by your side?

4.- Gemini 

Gemini is the person who honors flirting, he is so lovely that he envelops you with an intense gaze, one of those that you remember in the middle of the night while biting your lips. He has an energy that captivates anyone’s thoughts, but… for him to be the part that melts for someone else he needs to have his mind stimulated. He is the type of sign that enjoys chasing and being chased, he loves knowing that adrenaline is part of courtship and that in a delicate and persevering way, that person can touch his heart. He is bored by people who do not show interest from the beginning, he wants everything to be reciprocal and not have to wait for a space in your agenda. 

3.- Scorpio 

Scorpio is the one who wants the complete combo, he can’t get emotionally lost for someone, and he needs physical attraction, but the same thing happens in reverse. He is the type of couple who gets carried away when the talks are deep and the caresses too. Scorpio is not afraid when it comes to love, says that he has lived before what it is to overcome a broken heart and now he assumes the consequences. His weakness is mind games, they like to feel that they have to confess personal things, and getting into this dynamic makes their heart race. If Scorpio falls in love, it is because he sees that the other person does whatever it takes to share a moment with her. 

2.- Sagittarius 

Sagittarius in your networks? You will really have to move the sky, sea, and stars, for that to happen. And it is not that it is a sign that believes itself to be superior, it is just that it costs twice as much for it to show its vulnerable side, especially when the relationship is just beginning. Sagittarius appreciates the intention of the other person, he likes to feel desired and falls at your feet, when he notices that you have defied everything for just one moment. He is the type of person who is cold at first and puts on a shell that seems unbreakable. However, once he notices that you are interested in his tastes, his way of seeing life, and no matter the distance or time, you are always at the foot of the canyon, that is when he can fall into the temptation of commitment. 

1.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is undoubtedly one of the signs that love when the other person plays hard to be by their side. If there is someone who loves when the other person plays hard to be by their side, without a doubt, we are talking about Aquarius. It is a sign that flirting often goes unnoticed because you are so focused on your world and your thoughts that you may think it is just a friendship. Aquarius enjoys it when someone breaks the rules to feel their presence. He has a romantic and intense side that can fall at the insistence, although at first, it can be cold, he is only observing how far you are capable of going. Aquarius loses himself to a person who is capable of listening to everything he has to say, someone who sees him as unique, as the person who calms and uplifts. That is why he falls before an old soul, one of those who conquer by touching the depths of his being. 

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