According To Your Sign, What Kind Of Intelligence Do You Have?

Kind Of Intelligence

According To Your Sign, What Kind Of Intelligence Do You Have?

The way in which we learn, behave, and adapt to different environments has a lot to do with the element that governs each zodiac sign. There are some who are more connected with intuition and others who prefer to stick to their logical and practical part. This depends on the type of intelligence you possess. Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but now you’re going to realize that it all makes sense. What kind of intelligence do you have according to your sign?


The initiative flows from your pores, you are used to raising your head and then thinking about the consequences, but… that does not mean that you are irresponsible, simply, your courage and energy win. You are risky, with infinite abilities, and that distinguishes you from the rest. Your intelligence has to do with intuition, that’s why you trust so much in hunches, if something doesn’t give you a good feeling, you don’t waste time. 


Of course, you feel much more comfortable when each piece is in its place, chaos and you do not get along at all. You are persevering, you are not waiting for them to arrive and solve your life, you break with what you have learned because you know that the opportunities are many and you do not settle. Therefore, your intelligence is related to following logic, you save yourself a lot of trouble by leaving your instincts in the background. 


You can’t help it, Gemini, curiosity wins you, you’re used to analyzing each step around you and putting things on a scale to draw conclusions. Your ingenuity is more than clear, you like to communicate, and you don’t keep quiet at all and that is why you have become an expert in finding solutions, people look to you for your advice. In short, logical intelligence describes you, you know perfectly how to separate reason from the heart. 


Even if you want the rest not to notice, sensitivity ends up giving you away and the truth is that you don’t care. Caring for others is born in your soul and your protective instinct gives you away. Therefore, your water element is related to emotional intelligence. You have the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others, you do not judge from privilege. 


You are a sign that trusts in itself, Leo, but it was not always like that, it has cost you a lot of setbacks to admit that you make mistakes like any other human being, but the important thing is that you never give up. Also, your charisma and creativity accompany you, you have the gift of finding the good side in everything you do. You were born to lead and inspire with the same forceYour fire element is related to listening to your inner voice. 


It is easy for people to identify you because you are always aware of every detail, you are a lover of deepening what you experience, and you work hard every day to reach your best version. In addition, you are organized, you enjoy rules a lot and it bothers you to associate with problematic people. Your element is earth, synonymous with practicality. 


You are the type of person who will never take anything for granted, Libra, you need to go to the bottom of everything to take one side or the other. Balance is your goal and that’s why you wouldn’t dare point to a story you don’t know. In addition, being a diplomat is very good for you, you respect the life of the others and you know that there is a range of possibilities in everything. Justice is the one that speaks for you. Your air element is related to inferring, you listen to your emotions a lot. 


In you, intensity stands out, you are a sign that does not like to follow orders and you do not settle for superficial relationships either, you always want to go to the background of everything. Your most hidden ability is to explore until you find the most emotional part of the people who follow you. Water is your element, the one that goes hand in hand with emotions, it is understanding that makes your intelligence lead you to see things in a different way. 


Definitely, that settling does not suit you at all, you are used to breaking with patterns, being optimistic and not letting your adventurous spirit expire. Sagi, your ambition has led you to fulfill some dreams, but you don’t let go of the ones you have pending. You are an expert in finding creative solutions, you have the gift of seeing beyond. It is because of your element, fire, that you listen to your inner voice, but also to reason. 


Nobody is going to tell you what life is about, because you already discovered that it is everything, except a rosy story. However, you are ambitious and that helps you not to let your guard down when things don’t go as planned. You are very careful, you do not allow yourself to be wrapped up in fantasies, if they do not show interest in you with facts, you will not continue. The more realistic everything is, the better. Your element, earth, is related to practical intelligence. 


Innovation is part of your essence, you are a very authentic sign, and you have never felt the need to repeat customs just to be accepted in a group. In short, you prefer to stay in your solitude, than waste time with the wrong people. Your intelligence is linked to objectivity. Your element, air, allows you to detach when necessary. 


Your imagination never lets you drift, it is what helps you find the bright side of life in the midst of adversity. In addition, intuition guides you, always attentive to the emotions that people provoke in you to determine if it is convenient for them to be part of your circle or not. Your element, water, gives you the power to connect on a unique and intense level. It is very difficult for someone to make fun of you, you have radar to detect bad intentions. 

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