How To Listen More To Your Heart Than To Your Mind

Listen More To Your Heart

How To Listen More To Your Heart Than To Your Mind

Intuition is not something that is learned, we are all born with the gift of perceiving the messages of the heart, but there are times when we are distracted by concerns that we do not pay attention to. How to listen more to your heart than to your mind? Each zodiac sign has a particular way of dealing with situations, if something doesn’t give you a good feeling, it’s best to walk away. Never do something out of obligation, because sooner or later it will end badly and that’s when you regret ignoring that anguish in your chest. Has it happened to you? 


It’s funny because when anger runs through your body is when you’re most connected to your intuitive side. I know that your temperament knows no limits and passion speaks for you, but when you feel very angry, a light of hope also shines in the midst of darkness. Before you explode and throw everything in your path, come back to yourself, and analyze what you can and what you can’t control. Is it really worth it for your stress level to reach that level? Sometimes all you can do is let go. Give yourself permission to drop all those negative emotions and you will see how the anger disappears. 


Your intuition has never left you Taurus, it disguises itself very well, but at the same time, it encourages you to be better in every way. It is when you start a new project and something tells you that this path is not ideal. It is not always your intelligent mind that makes the decisions, it is your soul, which has become the best guide and does not allow you to sink into confusion. Therefore, when you feel lost, take some time away from everyone and reflect on each of your steps. Don’t close yourself off, give everything the benefit of the doubt, maybe you haven’t seen the rest of the possibilities. 


You and your intuition have a very complicated relationship, there are times when you love each other and others when you don’t want to see each other’s faces. This situation makes you feel very confused, especially because your intelligence is superior to the rest, and all the time he wants to convince you that it is best to put your heart aside. Gemini, you are not one of those who remain silent, when something bothers you, you say it in all the existing ways, but there are times when it seems that you are competing and you do not really listen. It is good that you are very sure, but there are things that do not make sense and you have to trust what your heart tells you. 


You are that spark of emotions that you don’t even understand yourself. Your heart is very unpredictable, it appears out of nowhere and it makes you explode with anger as well as with love. However, you have the worst of flaws, you spend too much time on what other people’s intuition says and ignore your own. That exhausts you, Cancer because you forget your essence and that’s when your emotions are put at risk. It is not worth accumulating resentments that are not yours. Your heart wants you to know that you are not alone, that you listen to it and look for what really fills you with life. It is your best ally, do not be suspicious, it will lead you to live true love. 


Even if it’s hard for you to accept it when your dramatic side takes over the moment, everything goes to the background and it’s not fair, Leo. You are a very brave being, you are not afraid of adrenaline and that touch of danger seems most attractive to you. However, the fact that you breathe passion is not synonymous with listening to your heart. Sometimes your intensity makes you ignore it and that’s when you become the target of those who want to play a trick on you. Leo, this is real life, not some intense movie where cruel ups and downs are normalized. Listen to your intuition, take care of your emotions, and don’t put yourself at risk at that level. 


Definitely, with the passing of the years and the damage, you have become too square. There are times when you don’t even think about it, you just let yourself be carried away by what reason tells you, period. The bad thing is that’s when you see your heart as a harsh critic and you don’t listen to it. It’s okay to have your own criteria and hate feeling manipulated, but Virgo remembers that perfection doesn’t exist. You are investing time and energy in something that in the end is not going to end well. It’s your fear of failing that doesn’t allow you to flow and at the same time is sinking you. 


The problem with you is that nosy people have made you lose faith because you’re tired of them feeling entitled to interfere in your life and you telling them nothing. Now, you have become defensive and that has become your best weapon, but you may be making decisions based on logic and you do not listen to your heart. It is good that you find the solution, however, you are forgetting what makes you happy, is it really worth it? Libra, your heart is the only one that can take you to the balance you’ve always wanted. If your intuition tells you no, please don’t insist. 


Your strength is not in doubt, you are the type of person who jumps into the void without fear and you don’t care how hard you have to work to get what you want. You don’t know the brake and you love it, but a lot of the things you don’t let go all the way. You are a very emotional sign and you are not indifferent to what people think of you, but please, do not let them scratch your self-esteem. Listen to your heart, that’s where your dreams live, they’re still more alive than ever, but they’ve gotten used to walking in your shadows. Those who do not dare, for fear of what they will say, enough is enough Scorpio! 


Your head is a whirlwind of thoughts. It may seem that you are always in your world and that you do not pay much attention to the things that happen to you, but that is not the case. There are things that fill you with stress and anxiety, but you don’t count them. You’ve gotten used to swallowing all of Sagittarius when in reality all you need is to listen to your heart to free yourself from so much burden that doesn’t even belong to you. Your heart is ready for you to listen to it, it wants to give you the answer you have been waiting for, but it is you who must open the door for it. A very big lesson is coming, perhaps what you had planned is not what suits you best. 


When was the last time you turned your face away from your heart? A part of you is too self-centered and doesn’t allow yourself to listen to anyone’s opinion, but why did you go to that level and ignore your own intuition? That’s where your true needs lie, but you’ve put up such an emotional barrier that they can’t get in. Capricorn, stop trying so hard, do the things that really fill you up, and give yourself the opportunity to have a beautiful connection with your interior. Even if it terrifies you, the best thing you can do is trust. 


You are an expert at finding situations in which you feel very comfortable and there is no need to show your vulnerable side. You hate people discovering your sensitivity because it makes you feel disarmed and the fear of being hurt becomes your best companion. However, it is time to live Aquarius, for your emotions to come out and open your heart a little. Every time you go inside you allow yourself to truly love and that’s why we’re here. You don’t have to worry about everything and everyone, when you feel lost come back to you. There are all those unknowns that do not let you sleep. 


You are not the type of sign that ignores their intuition, on the contrary, it is incredible how they can become themselves. However, there are streaks where you get very stubborn and you know it. It is much easier to keep your emotions and pretend nothing is happening when in reality you can’t take it anymore inside. Your heart and your intuition are desperate, because they want you to understand that you need a break, they want to see you well, but you prevent it with your actions. You know that it is not easy for you to say what you feel, but every time you do, the burdens are released. You have stuck Pisces because your logic continues to fight with your heart. Tell him to stop. 

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