According To Her Sign What She Does Not Want You To Discover

She Does Not Want You To Discover

According To Her Sign What She Does Not Want You To Discover

The truth is that she is not always as strong as she seems, there are times when she can’t find the way out and all she needs is a hug to make her want to continue. Maybe she doesn’t say anything, out of fear or because she doesn’t want to disappoint those she loves, but inside she is desperate. She doesn’t want you to discover that she needs a break and that the shocks that life is giving her are too many. Each zodiac sign is silent in its own way, but if you pay a little more attention you will realize that they can’t anymore. Here’s what she doesn’t want you to find out based on her sign:


She doesn’t want you to know that there are days when tears appear without warning. She has kept quiet about all the times that responsibilities were placed on her shoulders and did not correspond to her. She doesn’t want to be seen as weak and that’s why she often pretends to have no feelings, but in reality, she is terrified that someone new will come to remove her wounds. Aries is not the iron woman, she also has her bad moments and her heart is not always ready for so much. She doesn’t want you to find out that she has been pretending that everything is fine for a while, but little by little her sack has been filling up with stones and she needs help. Don’t ask her, just give her a hand, show her that she’s not alone and that she doesn’t always have to do everything. 


If I told you everything that Taurus doesn’t want to tell you. It’s not that it’s false, far from it, it’s just that her bad experiences have made her too selective when it comes to sharing emotions. She often sinks into the past and that is when her thoughts break her, they make her believe that she is worthless and that it is better to return to what she already knows. She does not want you to discover that she feels guilty and that it is very difficult for her to recognize her achievements… She is the woman who is always there, the one who doesn’t let go, and the one who feels very proud of your steps, but who applauds her? Often, she looks so strong, smart, and foolish, that she seems like she doesn’t need anyone to conquer the world. However, she would love to have a support network, even if she doesn’t say so. She doesn’t want you to solve her life, but she wouldn’t be bad if you accompany her while she does it. 


She has become an expert in dissimulating, she knows perfectly how to show her best face, even though inside she feels torn to pieces. She doesn’t want to say it, moving on is very difficult for her. In the secrets of her heart, there are many wounds that she has not healed, she just ignores them. She is so good that she cares about others before her, she doesn’t want to become anyone’s burden. And it is that each setback has taught her that in the end, she is always alone and that she has no other option but to get up again. She doesn’t want you to find out that all that laughter is the result of her holding back tears., clings so much to being well that it even seems true. She is not used to complaining, because she is seen as the strong one, the one who can do anything, and that is enough. She doesn’t want to be the victim of any tale, but she isolates her feelings so much that she’s already sinking. 


You see her on the outside and she looks so warm, so full of love, and with a lot of dreams that she doesn’t let go. She is a woman who, despite all the stones that have been placed in her path, has managed not to dirty her soul. They can try to break it a thousand times, but it is impossible for someone to manage to steal its essence. In her gaze there is no malice or rancor, perhaps there are moments when she loses her cool and wants to take revenge, but they are moments, she was not born to hate anyone. However, she does not want you to discover that there are days when her fears do not let her get out of bed and if she does it is as if she were not there... Sometimes she feels very alone and misunderstood and it hurts when they minimize her emotions, so she shuts up. She finds it easier to dress badly once in a while than to become someone’s sack of garbage. She tries not to give everything for love, but she can’t and she doesn’t like you to know it. 


This woman is pure gold and I’m not exaggerating, if one day she coincides with your walk, the best thing you can do is take care of her, but don’t hurt her, because she won’t come back and you’re going to miss her loyalty. She is indifferent because it is a way of putting up barriers and not allowing them to play with her emotions. What she doesn’t want you to discover is that she has a huge heart, capable of doing anything to see the people she loves happy. Leo, he gives everything and much more, but he does not want to add another line to anyone’s ego and that is why he sets his limits. He is not as cruel as he seems, he may present his side full of thorns to you, but once he trusts you, he teaches you the true meaning of generosity, love, and fidelity. He probably doesn’t tell you much about his life, it’s not that he hides the past, he doesn’t want you to use the things that hurt him to hurt him more, it’s that simple. 


She is the one who takes firm steps, the one who does not hesitate when it comes to making a decision, even if her life is going to take a sharp turn. What she doesn’t want you to find out is that she takes refuge in her list of activities, because it’s much easier to keep busy than to deal with her emotions or put them in someone’s hands. She has a hard time accepting that she needs a break and that she feels very frustrated when her failure becomes her partner. She doesn’t want you to realize that her head won’t leave her alone for a second, because thoughts come to her all the time that make her doubt and remind her of her insecurities. Her mind doesn’t slow down and her heart feels sad, but she doesn’t say it. Virgo. She hates that you discover that she has a fragile side and that she’s not tough by nature, it’s just that the blows have taught her to defend herself. 


How strong that this woman has to hide the beauty that is in her soul because around there are a lot of harpies that do not let her be. Sensitivity oozes from her every pore, but she is also very reckless and has risen from the most harrowing scenarios. Remember what they say out there, never judge a book by its cover, you don’t know everything behind her smile. What she doesn’t want you to discover is that she has very painful experiences and that she feels vulnerable every time someone moves her heart. She doesn’t want to be hurt once more, she’s tired of giving everything and ending up in the same place as if life were a circle. Yes, she cries a lot, but not because she wants to pretend to suffer, it’s just that her emotions are more intense than the rest. She affects everything and she will find a way to help those who need it. 


You have no idea how much it has cost Scorpio to maintain her fame as a great woman, the one who can handle everything, the one who never cries, and the one who is capable of giving you the lesson of your life if you hurt her. It’s not that complicated to pretend that all of this is real, people believe it and don’t usually question anything. However, she doesn’t want you to discover that she also loses control of everything and her anxiety surrounds her within four walls. Scorpio does not say that a lot of existential doubts pass through his mind. She is afraid of many things, but she is terrified of feeling judged. She doesn’t want you to know that it has haunted her for a long time and that she has often wondered if she is crazy. It’s her against the pile of secrets, but she’d rather that than open up to someone who’s going to minimize her feelings. It is enough to pay attention to the details of her look to see that she is not well


They say that behind a brave woman, there are many battles that nobody knows about. That is the story of Sagittarius. She goes through life as if she were a feather that the wind places where she pleases and she has no problem with the consequences. Despite so many falls, she has learned to stay positive in everything. She is the type of woman who can be completely broken, having the worst of her days, and still, she will do whatever it takes to help the people she loves. She has an adventurous heart, but she also has a touch of sensitivity that terrifies her. What she doesn’t want you to find out is that she wants a bit of stability and even commitment, not only in terms of a partner, with many things that she likes as well, but… her fears are the ones that don’t let her move forward and that’s why she usually leaves things half done, it’s not that she doesn’t care, it’s that she doesn’t want to fail. He mistrusts her a lot and that is why it is difficult for him to accept that there are those who truly come into her life to love her. 


The controlling, intelligent woman, the one that hardly anyone manipulates, and yes, I’m not going to deny it. Capricorn, is always looking forward, he was born to do what he wants, but the fact that his life seems perfect does not mean that it is. There are many things that he doesn’t say, he doesn’t want you to discover that he does care what people say and that he has been told such hurtful comments that he will surely remember them until the last day of his life. She’s not the type to get hooked, much less she’s going to lose the class fighting senselessly, but that turns into courage and when she least realizes it she’s already suffering from people who aren’t worth it. You won’t see her cry, because her pain is one of those that burns inside, silent, but intense. She is the woman who prefers to walk away before you see her defeated, there is no more. 


The soul of an Aquarius woman is immense, sweet, and passionate. She surrounds you with her personality, there is no lie in the way she treats you, she was born with the gift of transmitting peace. She doesn’t like to keep anyone’s bad energy and she has a witchy touch that is fascinating to anyone. What she doesn’t want you to find out is that there are times when she gets frustrated by thinking too much, she would like not to have so much knowledge that she takes her from one extreme to another. She is a very sensitive woman and there are things that break her, but she doesn’t tell about her, because what she hates most about her is that you see her as needy. Suddenly, her life becomes a constant crossroads and she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t know how to pretend every time she tries to talk and it’s worse if she meets people who are extremely superficial. She doesn’t want you to know that her imagination has no limits and that she would like to go deeper because she gets bored


She’s already used to you looking at her as the tender one, the intense one, the one who falls in love right now if she wants to. She’s fine, she doesn’t have a problem with that, because she knows that her heart is capable of breaking with any conventional idea when it comes to love. However, she doesn’t want you to find out that she also turns off her light and that she doesn’t always feel powerful... She doesn’t want you to know that in the past they have left very strong scars, so much so that it is enough to remember them to bring tears to their eyes. She doesn’t want you to realize that her pain is often greater than her desire to continue shining. She keeps quiet because she is afraid that they will not understand her and judge her. She just needs you to give her a little piece of your soul, so that she can feel safe by your side and show you the true essence of her. She is full of cracks, but beautiful

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