Signs To Those Who Are Not Doing Well With Money Or With Love

With Money Or With Love

Signs To Those Who Are Not Doing Well With Money Or With Love

Sometimes it seems that life gives you one of those little pieces of paper that say ‘something went wrong, try again’. And it is that no matter how hard you try, you never give one. There is a part of you that makes an effort, that believes in love, that trusts that everything will be fine, but… you end up in pieces when things don’t turn out as you thought. There are signs that have already gotten used to the constant ups and downs. They are the signs that do not do well with money or with love:

1.- Pisces 

Behind a soul that does not give up hides a fragile being, who can end up crying in a corner, accompanied by his loneliness and the many times he has tried without getting anything in return. The problem with Pisces is that they give too much, they believe that everyone has a good part and the reality is that this is not the case, there are bad people and they only come into your life to absorb all your energy. 

You are the one who gives yourself as if there was no tomorrow as if your heart had not been broken before. It is time for you to remove the word sacrifice from your vocabulary. You are not here to fix anyone’s wounds. You have to learn to let go and set limits is the only way you will be victorious. If you don’t give yourself your place, no one else will. 

2.- Cancer 

The unconditional sign, the one that always gives and gives, is also one of the signs that do not do well with money or love. The protector of the zodiac, who puts the maternal side of him ahead. The problem is that there are those who don’t know how to deal with so much, who take advantage of the goodness that is in your heart, Cancer, to later damage your emotions. You are one of those who suffer without saying anything, there is a part of you that always gives in, that makes you feel out of place, sad, and frustrated.

You are too sensitive and kind soul, not everyone deserves such attention from you. Sometimes, there is nothing left to do but make yourself strong, to raise a huge shell so that people do not come into your life to shake it at will. You feel that it is not luck, it is a life that does not want to give you the opportunity to rest a little. 

3. Virgo 

Virgo is the one who does not know how to deal with his emotional part, there is a part of his personality that feels insecure and that is why he prefers to go through life with a lock on his heart. It is a sign that she loves to put logic first, it is hard for her to believe at first. She doesn’t want words, she wants facts and that’s the reason why she doesn’t fall in love easily. 

It is himself making one excuse after another because he is terrified to think that he is giving someone the opportunity to hurt him mercilessly. He’s the one who can take years to share his vulnerable side and still regret it. Virgo is one of those who can succeed on an intellectual level, but in matters of love and money, things are not very favorable. 

4.- Capricorn 

Despite the fact that Capricorn is a stable, constant, and disciplined sign, it is very difficult for him to give his heart away, letting himself go makes him restless, he needs to know what is going to happen, the more plans in his life for him, the better. There are few people who can handle such a firm, it is not easy to make them change their minds when an idea enters their heads, their persistent part takes control. 

That is the reason why many times they end up giving themselves to the wrong person, because they trust who follows their rhythm of life, but it is not always about love, it is simply someone who shares their way of seeing life. Capricorn needs to love himself first so that someone else’s love arrives and with it his luck. 

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