What Happens When They Get Bored Of Love According To Their Sign

What Happens When They Get Bored Of Love According To Their Sign

The signs are there, no woman leaves overnight, if she does, it’s because she thought about it beforehand. They are the ones who give a thousand chances in silence, but when they are not willing to make any changes, they get tired. A woman who lets her guard down is hardly going to get her back. This is what happens when they get bored of love according to their sign. It is an endpoint, she never comes back and you will regret it because you will realize that you had everything and you let her go.


You are the woman who when you know that things are starting to get cold, you don’t stop arguing, you can’t tolerate anything anymore and that’s why you practically wait for the glass to spill the last drop. You are not scared that your partner decides to end it because you already experienced the duel before and did not even notice it. You got tired and that means it’s over, you’re nothing away from throwing in the towel and you won’t come back.


Perhaps you are the most discreet woman when it comes to ending a relationship, you do not like to stir your emotions for something that is not worth it. That’s why you stay by that person’s side until you’re ready to leave. You become distant, you run away from caresses, and love and you no longer waste time in conversations that only take away your smile. It hurts you, but you know that saying goodbye is the best.


Honestly, the one who does not realize that you are moving away is because he does not want to because you are very direct with your attitudes. Gemini, you are the one who stops answering as before, you no longer give him the same attention and his company bore you. It is your silence that proves that you have been gone for a while, but perhaps your partner is not ready to accept it. However, it is something that is no longer going to stop you, the decision has been made.


Without a doubt, your heart honors femininity, when you give yourself you do it from the emotions. You are an intense, sweet, and passionate woman, but when you no longer want anything, it also shows. You become quiet, you are not affectionate and all you want is to spend time alone. Deep down you’re so disappointed in the many times you thought it was going to change, that all you want is for the war to break out and for everything to end.


You are the type of woman who does not have filters on her face and at this point, you are no longer here to beg anyone. Leo, if you notice that something is not working in your relationship, you analyze the pros and cons, to determine if it suits you or not, and continue. However, you give up if there is no interest from the other. It is clear, that there is nothing, you are not going to wear yourself out trying to save a broken bond. It will hurt, but not forever.


It is true, that it is not easy for you to let go quickly, because you are a very thorough woman, you need to reflect on everything you have experienced. Although deep down you know that you no longer feel loved. Therefore, you make excuses, you want to run away from her affection, you no longer feel comfortable, her plans bore you and you already realized that you are much better off alone. It’s hard, but letting go gives you back your independence and your essence.


What bothers you the most is staying next to someone who doesn’t make you feel valuable when you are doing everything on your part. Libra, that causes you to be disappointed, and little by little all that layer of infatuation begins to fall, the one that hid the pile of defects that now bother you. You are very direct, you have a broken heart and all you want is for one of the two to dare to end the nightmare they have created.


For you there are no grays, what you hate most is that they love you halfway. It really bothers you that your partner doesn’t have the courage to say it’s all over and makes you feel like they’re doing you a favor by giving you their leftover love. That type of hypocritical relationship makes you sick and that’s why you become friends with bitterness, unhappiness shows in your eyes and you urgently need to tear out the page once and for all.


You can not hide, it is quickly seen when you lose interest in someone because you stop being the nice one you always were. Now, Sagi, his jokes bore you and you always have some excuse to evade his plans. You are tired of arguing about the same thing and that is why you prefer to spend time with your friends and family. Practically, you are waiting for everything to be over to breathe again and be happy as before.


You stop being the same as always, you become too distant a woman, and you create your own world to save yourself from your reality. The woman that person fell in love with no longer exists. Your illusions were broken over time and now it is your dark version that has taken charge of everything. When you get bored of a love you are so distant that even cruelty is present. You want to leave and your actions scream it.


You are such a transparent woman that when the love you feel for someone is gone, it is very evident. However, a part of your heart believes that it is possible to light the flame again, so you stay, but for a very short time. If there is no initiative in the other person, you better walk away. The moment you start to isolate yourself and ask for space to be with yourself, it is a sign that you are ending without saying anything.


You are the woman who stops insisting, it hurts to put your heart on the line for someone who does not have enough emotional maturity to maintain a genuine bond. You are tired of living in a bubble full of lies, a love that only exists in your imagination. All this fragments your soul until there is nothing left of what you felt one day. You get that person out of your soul and it’s a final goodbye. You don’t believe that where there was fire, ashes remain. You sweep up the ashes, period.


What Happens When They Get Bored Of Love According To Their Sign

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