How To Know If You Found The Beautiful Relationship You Wanted So Much

Beautiful Relationship You Wanted So Much

How To Know If You Found The Beautiful Relationship You Wanted So Much

Have you heard that one has to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer served? Seeing everything from the outside may seem easy, but when you end up involved in toxic relationships you lose yourself. Something absorbs your essence and you end up giving in to everything. Suddenly, you settle for their absence, their forced love, and the cancellations every time they see each other. You get used to living in the shadows and looking down when in reality your partner should be your refuge. It’s not easy to say goodbye, even though you know it hurts you. But, it’s a relief to achieve it, trust. How do you know if you found the beautiful relationship you wanted so much? 


You already know that you have a character of a thousand demons and when the fire gets into your entrails there is no one to stop you. You don’t want a partner who takes advantage to argue about it all the time. That throwing lemon on the wound overwhelms you and hurts you. Those types of relationships in which they tell you that they love you and at the same time do something to unbalance you are not for you. You know you’re in a healthy bond when they get you out of your comfort zone without stress. That person not only respects you, but he also admires you and makes an effort to ensure that both of you are well. For you, that is worth more than a moment of adrenaline. 


It’s brilliant the way you always put your all into making your relationships work. You are not the type of person who throws everything away, on the contrary, you strive to maintain something in the long term. However, you have your limits, you cannot give and give all the time. You know that you want something reciprocal because it is exhausting to demand when it is supposed to come from the heart. You are brave, calm, and funny, so you deserve genuine love, that makes you feel secure in what you have. Someone who reminds you every day how important you are in his life and how much he applauds your victories. There it is. 


Formal relationships do not scare you, which makes you doubt the intentions of the other. To be honest you are tired of falling in love with characters that only exist in your mind because you tend to idealize and that is when you end up very disappointed. You will know that you are in a beautiful relationship when you feel heard and they do not change their minds overnight. Someone who dares to put the cards on the table without fear of the consequences. You don’t want to hear that they love you, you want them to show you. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to trust completely. 


You know that you have a very unpredictable personality, that your humor is like a snowball with no destination and the person who decides to walk next to you must be empathetic, because you are not willing to tolerate their rudeness, much less see that they minimize your downturns. The way to know that you finally found that relationship that you wanted so much is when you don’t have to wonder if it’s a special connection or not, you just feel it. The person is not only comfortable with you, but he also loves it when you talk about commitment, a home, and a life full of happiness. There is Cancer, with whom you continue to hold your hand even on your worst days. 


You are not the typical sign that is carried away by sensitivity. Of course, you can give your heart, but you do it your way, without losing your character and that determination that you put into everything distinguishes you. Leo, you are not going to allow yourself to involve your emotions with someone you do not admire. You will know that he is the right person when he has the time to take care of you, pamper you and stay with you in bad times. You know that you also have a dark side and not everyone can tolerate it, but that is precisely what will make you value the right person. When I see you badly and decide to be by your side every morning. 


You are not one of those who strive to decorate the person, the rawer you see the reality of the other, the better for you. You do not plan to complicate your life with a partner who stresses you out or makes you feel less than others. Your day-to-day is already busy enough to add one more stripe to the tiger. You will know that you found the beautiful relationship that you wanted so much because you will realize that control will no longer be your priority. A part of you will flow when you discover that this person not only cares about your well-being, he also does what he can to help you be better. Someone who doesn’t minimize your anxiety, sadness, or anything you’re experiencing. That’s love. 


Of course, you know that healthy relationships are not synonymous with cotton wool in the sky. You know that differences are inevitable and even necessary. If you want to build something salvageable, you have to say things up front. However, that does not mean that you are going to normalize a chaotic environment, in which insults, humiliation, and criticism are the daily bread. You will know that you are in a beautiful relationship when things are given without being forced when you do not have to beg for what you deserve and the other person has no problem telling you how they feel about anything. Someone who discovers your insecurities and respects them, not someone who uses them against you. 


When you love you are capable of many things, it is your intensity that gets carried away and forgets any social norm that may exist. Inside you lives an irreverent Scorpio, the madman who listens to his heart and ignores for a long time what his mind says. Perhaps that has led you to associate with the wrong people, the ones who only want to have a good time and have no intention of listening to how you feel. However, Scorpio, you’ll know you found that relationship beautiful when they give you unconditional attention and don’t judge you. Someone who gives you the security that he is with you because he wants everything or nothing. A couple that dares to speak honestly from the beginning, that does not get you excited and that, even if it costs them a lot, dares to love. 


The truth is that you are very grateful for life, it is already hard enough to face it every day, and you do not want to waste your energy on one complaint after another. You are very clear that you cannot give your heart to a superficial soul, you need to go further and share with someone who understands that going out at night to see the stars is one of the best plans for a couple. You know that you have found that beautiful relationship when that person respects your independence and does not want to change you at their convenience. Someone who realizes that your passions are not a game and that everything you do is bathed in your emotions. A love like this can lead you to happiness. 


For you, there is nothing impossible, when it comes to taking on a new project in your life you do it without fear and without asking anyone for permission. You do not run away from responsibilities, on the contrary, you take them as tools to become someone better than you already is. Of course, when it comes to relationships you don’t beat around the bush, you’re looking for something serious, period. You will know that you found the beautiful relationship that you wanted so much when they include you in their future without you asking. That person is not only your partner, he is also your confidante and that is when you realize that nothing that happens in your head is nonsense and that all your hobbies can be perfect for whoever adores you. 


You will not deny it, it is very difficult for you to open your heart to a relationship. It’s because you don’t want to lose your freedom for someone who doesn’t even show you the slightest interest. Therefore, you take your time. You are one of those who believes that everyone can be romantic and attentive the first few months, but then what next? It’s hard when the flame of falling in love disappears and you realize that everything was idealized. You will know that it is a beautiful relationship until that person begins to add to your life, who tries to make you happy and does not seek to fill the gaps with you. Someone who inspires you to leave behind the ghosts of the past, all that bunch of insecurities that won’t let you believe again. 


Yes, you may have the compassion and simplicity to fall madly in love, Pisces, but that’s not a sign that they can undo whatever they want in your life. Going back and forth in relationships frustrates you, you don’t want to be with someone you have to ask to love you, hold you, and support you. You will know that you are in the beautiful relationship that you have always wanted when that person dares to put himself in your shoes and does not judge you. You got tired of being the one that no one understands, the one who supposedly breaks down for everything, the emotional one. You no longer want those labels, much less that they come from your partner. You don’t want a princess story, you want something healthy and you don’t intend to keep begging for something that will come sooner or later. Patience has become your best company. 

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