These Zodiac Signs Do Not Want to Get Involved in Any Relationship at the Moment

Do Not Want to Get Involved

These Zodiac Signs Do Not Want to Get Involved in Any Relationship at the Moment

Are you dating a great person right now? The chemistry is just right and everything is going great. Next step: relationship! But your counterpart simply does not want to commit. Well, it’s hard to believe, but it could also have something to do with the stars.

Because some signs of the zodiac just don’t want to get involved in a relationship at the moment. We’ll tell you what they are here.


The twins show their two sides again. While the zodiac sign craves a serious relationship in some way, they are not quite ready to commit themselves yet. No wonder: Geminis just like to keep a few options open. In addition, the sign of the zodiac already has a lot to do at the moment. There is therefore no time for a partnership. But: With the zodiac sign, it pays to be patient. Because if twins then embark on the adventure of a relationship, they will keep it for eternity. After all, they have already more than lived out their single life.


Aquarians are extremely fond of flirting. The zodiac sign is very charming and sociable. That’s why you fall in love with someone so quickly. Aquarius also loves to be adored and adored by others. But conquering his heart is almost impossible. Right now the zodiac sign is in a kind of spirit of optimism. It just wants to experience a lot more. Aquarius, therefore, doesn’t believe in stable relationships at the moment. He prefers affairs or open relationships. Unfortunately, heartbreak in his or her admirer is already pre-programmed.


Even the dear Sagittarians currently fall into the category of incapable of relationships. Bitter for potential partners. Because Sagittarians have a magical attraction. You can wrap a lot of people around your finger. That’s why they really like dating and are passionate about it. But they are not even getting involved in anything solid at the moment. Because the zodiac sign is just too busy with itself at the moment. Sagittarians are already little free spirits by nature, but at the moment they need a lot of me-time.

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