Why She Doesn’t Like To Be The Second Course According To Her Sign

Why She Doesn’t Like To Be The Second Course According To Her Sign

Look at yourself, but really, take the time to admire each of your scars. There are so many times you’ve cried and got up again, that you’ve even lost count. You are a brave woman, who is not afraid to start from scratch, even if it means fighting against the pain. Of course, you deserve to be loved beautifully, someone who knows how to give love with the same intensity that you give yourself. You are not to be the second plate on anyone’s table. That they love you well or better that they leave. This is why she doesn’t like to be on the second plate according to her sign:


You are a woman who can handle everything, it has never been your goal to depend on anyone and you know that if tomorrow you are left with nothing, you have the guts to achieve everything again. You can see the adventure for miles, you are passionate and you use that to knock down every obstacle in your way. Of course, you‘re not about to waste your best years with someone who barely has time to give you leftovers. Do not be anyone’s second table dish, you are here to be presumed and valued, please do not let anyone make you believe otherwise. Aries, you are to choose, do not forget.


If there’s one thing you’ve learned on this journey through life, it’s that it’s not your place to please anyone. Everyone is responsible for their own emotions and it is not worth it that you wear yourself out physically, mentally, and emotionally for so little. You are one of those who hide the tears because you are afraid that someone cruel will see them. Taurus, unique moments await you but remember that the Universe is not miraculous, you have to do your part and move from a place where you are not really appreciated. The moment you start loving yourself, you will attract the type of person who is at your level. Someone who you don’t have to beg for attention, because they enjoy every moment that spends by your side. That’s the kind of love you deserve.


Definitely, you are a walking mystery, there are few people who manage to decipher you with certainty. In fact, you don’t like them to know everything about you and you prefer to be as conservative as possible when they don’t inspire confidence. However, this tactic does not always work, there are wolves that disguise themselves very well as sheep and come into your life with the aim of breaking and humiliating you. Gemini, you are not here to be treated like a second-rate dish. You are an independent, intelligent, and courageous woman, who is capable of breaking down every wall that life puts up for you. For no reason do you ever settle for an insane and hurtful love? If it doesn’t give you smiles, it doesn’t give you anything. Do not forget it, because your happiness does not buy anything. If he is going to give you only a little of his time, better stay alone.


You are the woman who is not a little scared of romanticism, you stopped caring what people think a long time ago. If something comes from your heart, you do it. However, that has led you to relate to lovers who are not ready, who come to you to save them and end up suffocating you in an incredible way on an emotional level. Being with you is synonymous with protection, but you have to be more selective. It’s better this way because you’re not here to suffer or to be hidden. It’s absurd that you keep sacrificing your time with someone who doesn’t have the pants to truly love you. If they’re not going to love you fully and deeply, keep going. Your true love is dressed in unconditionality, don’t forget it.


Second table dish? Not that you were crazy, that of lowering your gaze so that they treat you as if they were doing you a favor by loving you, is already a thing of your past. One day you were the woman who allowed baseness of that level, but you don’t plan to worry again about someone who doesn’t deserve even half of your attention. You are there to be loved with dignity, with a love that strengthens your self-esteem and does not break it at every step. You are fun, impulsive, with a box full of dreams, do not let the shadows of someone unstable turn off your light. You have everything to succeed and enjoy, but you need to choose your battle partners well because if you stay with the wrong ones at any time they can attack you from behind. You deserve loyalty Leo, do not hesitate.


You are the beautiful way life tells the world that love is worth surrendering to. With you, delivery is serious, you don’t like playing with the emotions of the hearts that arrive at your door. The bad thing is that you have a naive side that trusts that other people think the same, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Remember that it is not about what you give, there are people who do not know how to love and at the first sign, you have to leave. You are too smart and a perfectionist to allow yourself to be treated with the toes. It’s not healthy for him to call you only when he’s bored, ignore your messages or make fun of your advances. Do not keep half of what someone else can give you, Virgo. If you’re not part of their priorities, it’s not there.


So sophisticated, unpredictable, rapturous. The woman who is capable of driving a love crazy, but also of knocking him down if she wants to. That’s you, you can’t imagine the amount of light you radiate in each step. It is very normal that you attract many people because you have lightness in your essence. People tend to quickly trust you and become addicted to your advice. You are always there for those who need you, but the bad thing is that you give so much that you forget about yourself. It is not worth putting your self-esteem at risk for anyone, throw out those who do not have the courage to truly commit. Give the opportunity to those who want to take you by the hand to travel the whole world. You are empathy-made a Libra person, do not allow anyone to treat you like a second-rate dish.


You got tired of being the woman who seeks to control a partner, you are no longer willing to wear yourself out so that they do what you expect. People rarely change and if they do it has to be by decision, not because you ask them to. You are an intense woman, Scorpio, you have fire in every pore and love to add mystery to everything. Your emotional side may make you fall into the wrong arms, but you always find a way out of it. You are not to be anyone’s second table dish, you deserve to be listened to, supported, and inspired. Staying with a mediocre love is synonymous that your self-esteem is not well worked. If you feel that you wobble from time to time, come back to you. Remind yourself how much you are worth and how little you are crying for.


Let’s see, leftovers are not accepted at home, why should it be different when it comes to love? You are here to be the first option, period so that they have the courage to fill your life with colors and tell you that they miss you. It is not your responsibility to carry the lack of love from other people. If they’re not ready to love, don’t use you as their garbage bag. Relationships have the power to destroy you or improve you, so you have to be very careful when letting someone in. You are a free woman, a great lover, with goals, intelligent, do not lower yourself to scarcity. True happiness is just on the other side, that which scares you. The only thing you need is to let go of suffocating loves for the true ones to enter. Stop getting bitter about someone who treats you like a second-rate dish.


Don’t just trust your intelligence, but also your intuition. You are a very sensitive woman and you know it. People have given you a bad name, they say that you don’t give yourself and that you prefer a thousand times to achieve your work goals than to find love. It is not true, simply, Capri, you know what you want and you are not going to change your goals for anyone. Life is already too complicated for you to still carry other people’s problems. You are there to be shown with facts that they love you. You’re tired of listening to the bunch of pretty words that lead to nothing. You should never allow someone to treat you like a second-tier dish. If you’re not happy, don’t force yourself to stay. There are many other hearts that are willing to love you with everything and your hobbies. Do not change, find the indicated.


Let’s see, you’re not perfect nor do you pretend to be. Of course, in your list of loves, there are some that you prefer to omit because they left a very bad taste in your mouth. However, you have learned to be more demanding, not to be carried away by appearances. Now, when someone wants to get into your heart, they have to earn their place. You’re not here to be loved one day yes and the other no. It becomes annoying having to wait for the attention that you obviously deserve. Don’t be fooled Aquarius Deep down you know that it is not going to change and that the best of your life is going away. Read well, your body, your mind, your madness, your hobbies, even your flaws, are a treasure. You are magic by the side you see yourself, it is not worth staying next to someone who only wants to chain you to enlarge their ego.


Empathy drains you everywhere Pisces. You are the woman who honors loyalty, the one who, when she loves, leaves aside any filter to immerse herself deeply in the love of the other. You don’t like half-measures, you want sincerity from the beginning and you don’t plan to stay seated until you get promoted to first place. If the only thing they can offer you is the second option, you don’t want it. After all, you know how to be with yourself and it is a thousand times better to stay with your loneliness than to end up going to therapy for years for being in an unhealthy relationship. Do not hesitate, you are here to be surprised with unexpected details, walks under the moonlight, beautiful words. You are here to be shown with facts that every second by your side is worth it.


Why She Doesn't Like To Be The Second Course According To Her Sign

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