What Smart Women Of The Zodiac Appreciate

What Smart Women Of The Zodiac Appreciate

They decided one day to stop being the weak ones, the ones that everyone did less and did not trust their words. They got tired and focused on their goals, there is now nothing that stops them from pursuing their dreams. If opportunities don’t come to their door, they go out looking for them, simple as that. What smart zodiac women appreciate has nothing to do with what’s in your pocket. Do not be confused, they are not of that type.


She doesn’t want you to come and paint her a world that only exists in your imagination. She is tired of people believing that she needs to solve her life when in reality she can achieve what she sets out to do. What she appreciates is that they are able to see beyond her gaze, that they take the time to listen to her and value her. Perhaps on the outside, she looks like she devours the whole world, but there are times when she needs some pampering to catch her breath. That’s what she wants.


A woman who gets up every day, maybe not always with the best of attitudes, but she doesn’t give up. Taurus is able to hide negative emotions from her and focus on her goals. Her intelligence prevents her from letting herself fall, she always wants more and she knows that she has the ability to go to heaven if she wants to. What she really appreciates about her is a person who has a sense of humor, and who invites her to enjoy herself and forget about her worries. A confidant who does not judge her steps and values ​​the little things.


She learned that there are times when there is nothing left but to hold on to her brave side, even when she feels the tears about to come out. Gemini doesn’t want to be the woman who settles for what everyone else wants. She is no longer willing to put her convictions aside, her intelligence is superior, and she does not want to lower herself for someone who does not fill her to that level. What she appreciates is a knowing mind, someone to teach her things she didn’t know and take her to unique places. That wraps her up.


Make no mistake, just because she looks so sweet doesn’t mean she doesn’t have character. She is a very intelligent woman, she can love you with all her being, but if her brain tells her that she is in the wrong place, she leaves. You have no idea how reckless she becomes of herself when she is intentionally hurt. She is a woman without masks and what she appreciates the most is loyalty, people who know how to love pretty and that she does not have to lie to maintain a relationship.


With strength, looking straight ahead and a heart full of faith. That is the Leo woman, there are many who have tried to sink her, but when she has been torn apart by pain, she gets up again. The men who are not worth fleeing, because they cannot with such power, but those who remain hypnotized. That’s what she appreciates, those who are able to see her brilliance and not judge her. The ones that motivate and inspire her to be better every day.


Never dare to talk about a Virgo woman, if you don’t know half of what has happened. She has had to fight her anxiety and that urge to want to run away all the time. She is the one who tries twice as hard because she wants everything to be perfect and also the one who doesn’t let her guard down. She’s smart, there’s no doubt about that. That’s why what she appreciates the most is someone who doesn’t criticize her or call her exaggerated. She stays with the people who fill her with calm and smiles, away from those who make her bitter.


If there’s one thing the Libra woman has learned the hard way, it’s that life is so much easier when you don’t expect anything from anyone. Now, if she is born to give something, she does it from the heart and period. However, she is not going to stay with whoever she takes from her. She gives in, but her intelligence helps her set limits when necessary. What she appreciates the most is the kindness in the other, someone who exercises empathy, is the one she wants in her life. She is already tired of so much arrogance and a lack of emotional responsibility.


She is a hurricane if she wants to shake everything around her and start over. She is not afraid that things do not work out with someone, she is grateful because she knows that the most beautiful thing awaits her to live. Her magic is devastating, she has the gift of healing her wounds and moving forward. Therefore, what she appreciates most about her is a heart that knows how to take care of her, someone who does not wait to lose her to realize that she made a difference in her world. It’s that simple.


She is a woman who loves madly and is capable of giving all her love, regardless of the fact that no one else has treated her the same. Her desire to enjoy her every moment is not compared to anything. She has learned that life has its dark times, but she won’t let that take away her freedom. What she appreciates most about her is meeting people who don’t try to change her and that she is able to listen to her talk about the many projects she has on her doorstep. With people who don’t increase her fears, she calms them down. There she stays.


Bless her stubborn side, for that, is what has kept her down to earth. Capricorn has never been one of those who allow themselves to be enveloped by fairy tales and now even less so. It is not that he has closed his heart, he simply lets his intelligence be the one that decides whether or not certain people are worth sharing his time with. What she appreciates most is that they do not pressure her or tell her that she works too much. Her dreams are big and can’t be stopped, it’s time for them to understand.


She is the woman with beautiful feelings, blessed is the one who ends up wrapped in her arms, because she will realize that she did not know what genuine love is. Someone who supports you even when you can’t stand yourself, that’s Aquarius. She has so many dreams in her head that there are times when she even forgets herself. She is not afraid of change and so she cherishes who she stays with, even when the insane side of her is present. She loves that, that they don’t run away from her adrenaline.


An intelligent woman kisses without looking at the clock, she loves until tears run down her face and allows her intensity to guide her, but… the difference is that she doesn’t do it with the first one who promises to be her Prince Charming. She is no longer for mediocre loves or fictitious friendships. What she appreciates is a true bond. Those relationships in which she doesn’t have to beg for reciprocity, because she comes from the heart. Pisces, she doesn’t leave because she’s a coward, she leaves because she doesn’t stay long where she doesn’t feel loved.


What Smart Women Of The Zodiac Appreciate

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